Ryan Seacrest, Eyebrow Waxing, Match.com Dating & Winks & Motherhood

I owe Ryan Seacrest an apology.  I wrote last year that I thought he was the weakest link on American Idol, and I did not get why he was as insanely popular as he was.  I take it back and offer him my sincerest apology.

I have been listening to Ryan on the radio in the mornings and he is quite entertaining.  I look forward to his chatting more than the music.  He is quite funny, fast on his feet, and it turns out I not only get him, but might actually love him.

If you did not listen to him this morning, you must go online and listen to today’s “Ryan’s Roses”.  It is the most shocking one I have ever heard and was screaming it the car at the outcome. Go to Kiis FM Los Angeles.  You will not believe what happens!

Back to Ryan Seacrest, I’m sorry for saying you were lame Ryan.  You are fabulous on the radio and while your dramatic pauses are occasionally annoying on American Idol, you are a vital part of what makes that show work.

I feel free now that I have professed my love for Ryan.  Who better to crush on than Ryan?  He’s the perfect man in that he is metrosexual enough to go with you to get your eyebrows waxed over sitting at home watching the game.

Speaking of which, I love my eyebrows.  I have changed brow looks over the years and regardless of how I wear them, they are always fabulous.  They are waxed to perfection and something I get complimented on a lot.

Eyebrows are important.  They frame your face and define your expressions.  Yesterday I saw the most fascinating eyebrows.  A woman at the place where I get my brows waxed, had hers waxed in two separate lines, giving her 4 brows.

Each brow was waxed through the middle, lengthwise, so she had a double-decker brow over each eye.  Not anything I would ever do,  but on this girl they were really beautiful.  Her jet black brows matched her lime green hair perfectly.

I had my brows done yesterday as I have a date this weekend.  We’ve talked on the phone and I think we will have a good time.  He’s sarcastic which I love. I am due for a good date so I hope this one does the trick and breaks my losing streak.

I am currently on Match.com.  They have a certain feature that I just don’t get.  You can “wink” at someone, which lets him or her know you are interested.  Really? If I were out in public and a man winked at me, I would not think it was cute.

I would however think it was lame.  A “wink” tells you they are interested, but it is passive aggressive because it leaves it up to you to respond.  You can wink back or write them, which is weird because they were the ones interested in you.

If you are brave enough to be dating online, and have your picture up for everyone to see, then you should be brave enough to send someone an email, not a passive aggressive wink which then puts it into their hands, not your own. 

My profile states I will not respond to a wink.  Furthermore, it says if you send me a wink I will know you did not read my profile.  I also say I am not interested in dating men outside of LA.  I got 4 winks today, two of them from out of state.

Really gentlemen?  Speaking of winks, last night I took my son out shopping for clothes.  He is very entertaining to shop with because he is focused.  He knows what he wants, grabs it, tries it all on, and decides instantly with no hesitation.

After we got what he needed, we went to dinner.  We were chatting all about his school day, my work, and life in general, then all of a sudden, in the middle of a sentence, my son winked at me.  It was hilarious and I could not stop laughing.

He did it at the punch line of a joke and it made perfect sense, but for some reason my son, my baby, winking at me struck me as insanely funny.  Once I stopped lauging I told him to never wink at a woman as an attempt to hit on her.

My delicious child was proud of the response his wink got.  My son often tells me he loves it when I laugh, which touches my heart.  He didn’t know why I thought the wink was funny, but my laughter put a twinkle in his eye, which I treasure.

Motherhood is the single greatest joy of my life and with Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, I am very aware of what a blessing it is to be able to love this child each and every day.  I am so looking forward to my special day with him.

I was winked at online by two lame men, got a real wink from a precious boy, professed my love for Ryan Seacrest, and felt profound love for my child. Life is good. Enjoy your Wednesday as the weekend is near.  Thanks for reading.  Keep the faith.