My Love Hate Relationship with Bethenny Ever After

I can usually find something endearing about Bethenny in each show.  Just when I think I have to give up on her, she does something charming and lovely, which is reminiscent of the Bethenny we met years ago.  This episode gave me several glimpses of the old Bethenny, but sadly the new Bethenny too.

Bethenny is in bed and is woken up by Julie coming into her room with the baby.  She does not hug or kiss the baby, but immediately pulls down her pants and shows us she is wearing padded underwear.  Does she want us to believe she actually sleeps in padded underpants?

Skating partner Ethan slept over and she walks around sticking her bum in his face until he notices it is fuller. She wants to know if he likes it, and it’s sad.  She is inappropriate and if I were Jason, Bethenny and her behavior would be enough for me to walk away.

Jason arrives from NYC and Bethenny does not jump up to hug him, but rather shares that she had a three way with Julie and Ethan.  She walks around shoving her bum in Jason’s face until he notices.  He then informs her, in front of everyone, they need to go off alone.

To clarify, he is telling his wife he wants to slink off and have a quickie with her, in front of Ethan, Julie, and Dawa.  It’s embarrassing and I am amazed this show is on, and baffled I continue to watch.  Bethenny is a TV whore and Jason’s parents must cry when watching.

At her skating practice she crosses a line with Ethan that even she must know was bad.  She is flirting with him in a way that makes you wonder if they have had a little fling.  Assuming she has not, that she would want to give the impression she has, is disgusting.

Bethenny, Jason, Dawa, Julie and Bryn go to get a Christmas tree.  She refuses to do anything with Jason’s parents because she needs to have things just for “her” family, yet she takes her employees everywhere with her.  It’s a slap in the face to Jason’s folks.

How sad for them that they miss out on so much, have to watch Bryn’s first Christmas tree on television, and then see she took her entourage with her.  I think the only reason Bethenny wants to move to Los Angeles it to pull a power play over Jason and his family. 

Jason tells Bethenny his family has not had a lot of happiness and he wants her to know how much happiness she has brought into their lives.  How sad that he needs to thank her for allowing him to take his daughter to his parents for 5 minutes over Christmas. 

They are setting up the tree and Bethenny calls both Jason and Julie morons.  A show cannot go by without her calling her husband a moron.  They go to some Christmas place at night and everyone is dressed in coats except for Bethenny and her gang who are all in pajamas.

Bethenny says she has really wonderful memories of Christmas.  What?  Her painful and abusive parents put aside their hate for her over the holidays?  Her lies make no sense and that her diehard fans buy into it is amazing.  Come on people, she is a compulsive liar.

Twenty-five minutes in, Bethenny does it again.  Damn it!  She gets hideous holiday sweaters for everyone, then when Jason asks if she got one for Bryn, she says no, she gets a beautiful one because she’s beautiful.  Old Bethenny is back, if only for a second.

Sidebar:  Why is Bethenny a chef that never cooks?  They order in every meal.  She has a gourmet kitchen, but ordering in.  Don’t chef love to cook?  I imagine she does not know how unless she has a cookbook and she clearly forgot to pack those for California.

They show us the finale of SWTSt and we are reminded Bethenny lost.  She is whining about how hard it was like she was forced to do it, but we all remember that she was the only one in her life who wanted her to do it.  Everyone told her to not do it.  Epic fail.

They’re back in NYC and it’s a drag because Christmas is over and we never got to see Bryn’s first Christmas with her grandparents.  Yet another gross move by Bethenny to hurt these people with her mind games.  I feel very sad for Jason’s parents.

Nick sends in his first food blog and it’s brilliant.  She offers him a part-time job on her website and it is official,  Nick is the sweetest boy ever.  When she asks him if he has a sports coat, he tells her he can borrow one from his dad, and I am officially in love.

Bethenny is on a play date with her friend Lauren and her son, and calls her an animal.  It would appear Lauren is her only friend that does not work for her so I might take a little better care of that relationship and not call her an animal on national television. 

Bethenny meets Nick for dinner and I just love this kid.  Bethenny is drinking what appears to be a SGM but Nick is NOT!  Hooray for Nick!  She talks to him about sex and it’s moronic.  She is a gutter rat and her sex themed vocabulary is getting boring.

Nick opens up to Bethenny that his girlfriend broke up with him and while waiting to hate her, she is lovely and supportive. I am sucked back in. If Bethenny would just stop trying to be funny, she could be her old self.  Sadly I’m afraid it’s too late for her.

They are getting ready to hit the road in her obnoxious Skinny Girl bus. Their first stop is in New Jersey.  Could they have not just gotten in a car and gone to Jersey?  If they had we could have skipped over the endless talk about pooping on the bus.

It’s opening night and the show is sold out, people are wearing I love Bethenny hats, buying books, drinking margarita’s and while I just don’t get it, you can’t help but feel happy for this girl and what she accomplished.  The speaking tour begins.

She has created a life for herself that many dream of and few accomplish.  It’s impressive.  Next week is the season finale and we see her overwhelmed at what she has achieved.  Maybe we will get to end the season with quality time with old Bethenny.

I want Bethenny to make peace with her mother.  I look at my child and cannot imagine what life would be like if he didn’t want me in his life.  When my son tells me he loves me, I know that is how my mother feels for me, and it’s powerful.

This week’s show was a roller coaster.  Love her, hate her, love her, hate her.  It will be interesting to see how she ends the season.  I will be watching, and hoping for a happy ending.  I also hope she leaves me wanting more so I’m keeping the faith.