I’m Sick – Must Sleep Not Blog, So Here are 10 Fever Induced Thoughts

It is 11:06 pm and I have been trying to write a blog since 8:00.  My head is fuzzy, I have a fever, and I am truly not feeling well.  The result is that I cannot think straight long enough to put together a blog.

Rather than skip the blog, here are 10 things on my mind.  I’m not sure if it’s the sinus pressure, or the meds, but these things are floating around in my cloudy mind so I’m sharing them, then heading to bed.

1) If Donald Trump and Sarah Palin run for president in 2012, Saturday Night Live will be brilliant.  As for this whole birth certificate fiasco, it’s embarrassing and the world is looking at America and laughing.

2) I have met Randy Jackson and think he is a great guy.  That said, his vocabulary on American Idol is annoying and after ten years, old and tired.  He sounds like a goof, which is a shame because he is a pretty cool guy.

3) I really look forward to the day when Bethenny Frankel’s fan stop drinking her kool aid so they can get over the need to write me daily to say my blogs on her show are written from a place of jealously.  Come on ladies, move on.

4) My angry and anti-social cat has been on Prozac for two weeks and today he slept on my bed and licked my hand.  The vet says another 2 weeks will bring him even more improvement and I am very happy it is working so well.

5) I am a firm believer that chicken noodle soup can cure what ails you, but I am a vegetarian so it’s not an option, but tonight, for just a second, I was dreaming about a piping hot bowl of chicken goodness.  There is no substitution.

6) My son does not get what “It’s just 5 bucks” means.  Ask for 5 bucks, 4 times a week, and you have $20, $80 a month, and $960 a year, so when he asks for $5 he is really asking me for a thousand dollars, which he does not understand

7) I am sick and groggy and yesterday I walked around my home very upset because I thought I was losing my eyesight.  Turns out I was wearing my sunglasses.  My kid is still laughing because it’s the 3rd time I’ve done that.

8) I wrote yesterday that the guard at Buckingham palace was fired, but he was only suspended.  That makes sense.  Wanting to kill Jews is totally a suspension not firing offence.  Is nobody at the Palace going to address this?

9) I have a date this weekend.  We made plans last Sunday night to go out this Saturday night, and he has called me everyday to see if we are still on.  Not to chat, just to see if we are still on.  It’s creeping me out.

10) In a few weeks The Real Housewives of New York City, New Jersey and Orange County will all be running on television at the same time.  This is a sure sign that the end of the world is near and I am frightened.

If you are also under the weather, try to rest, drink hot liquids, and stay in bed if you can.  If you have nobody to take care of you, I am sending you a hug and best wishes to get well soon.  Feel better and keep the faith.