Calling Kate Middleton Names Gets You Fired, But What About Killing Jews?

Cameron Reilly is 18 years old and up until this week, was a guard at Buckingham Palace in London.  He was just fired for calling Kate Middleton a bitch on his Facebook page.  He went on a bit of a rant after she apparently blew him off as she drove past him last month.  He felt slighted and decided to talk about it publicly.  Not a good idea young man.

Cameron wrote that Kate was a “stuck up cow”, “posh bitch”, and asked, “Who really gives a f&^% about her?”  We’ve all said mean things about our bosses at some point, and while I’m not making excuses for his behavior, he is only a kid, he felt she was mean in ignoring him, she is not his boss yet, and everyone, young and old, vents on Facebook.

Reilly was a regular guard at the palace, wearing the iconic red jacket and bearskin hat.  I’m not much a tourist trap kind of traveler, but I’ve seen the changing of the guard several times and I am impressed and in awe each time.  It’s historic and impressive, and I would assume a great honor for a young man.  He was not only fired, but also banned from the wedding.

A kid got fired for saying mean things on Facebook.  Who cares?  What makes this story so interesting is that all the news stories had headlines that he badmouthed the future Queen of England, then buried in the story, was the information that he fantasized about killing Jews while on duty, and also beat a black man when he was off work and visiting his hometown.

How is calling some chick a bitch, more of a headline than wanting to kill Jews?  He wrote on Facebook, ‘Watching a massive Jew gathering at the Tower of London! Have never seen so many rabbis in my life.”  A friend then wrote, ‘Get the rifle out.” To which he responded, ‘Have got one of the Jews in my sights now LMAO.”

This kid has screwed up his future.  After the wedding, when things die down, he’ll turn up trying to cash in on his fifteen minutes of fame by giving an interview to Dateline NBC about how sorry he is for having slammed the future Queen.  Will anyone mention that beyond calling her a bitch, he fantasized about killing Jews?

John Galliano was massacured in the media for his drunken Anti-Semitic slurs, but this kid is fired for calling Kate a snob?  Something is wrong in the world when calling a royal a bitch trumps hating Jews.  I will watch the wedding on Friday as I wait for an apology from Cameron for his hate towards Jews, not towards Kate.  I won’t hold my breath, but I will keep the faith.