A Disappointing First Date with CBS & Walking in Sarah Palin’s Shoes?

Yesterday I was asked by CBS News to participate in a story about online dating.  With this form of dating front and center in the news with the Match.com lawsuit, people are talking about it and since I chronicle my online dates here at the Jewish Journal, they asked me to share my two cents.

I was happy to do it because it’s an important subject.  States are trying to pass legislature that will require online dating sites to offer some kind of warning pages for their users about the dangers of online dating and if done incorrectly, will be a mockery and waste of time.

To write that you should not give out your address to a stranger is useless and implies we are dumb and have no common sense.  They need to be more serious, offer insight to what some of the pitfalls and true dangers are, and make an honest to effort to help people, not simply satisfy the lawmakers.

I took some time off of work and made my way over to CBS here in Los Angeles and was interviewed for about 20 minutes.  The cameraman Bob was great, the Producer Chris was cool, there was another guy named Mike there who was adorable.  Overall I was very pleased with my participation.

I would have liked to go home first and throw a little make-up on, or get my hair done for my little TV gig, but in the end there was no time, and I feel so strongly about the subject that I put the story in front of my vanity and went over looking decent instead of husband hunting ready.

The piece ran yesterday on hundreds of CBS stations across the country, and I got calls and emails from my friends and readers asking if that was me on the television.  For my friends, clearly it was me, but for people who know me from my blog, they were unsure.

Why?  Because CBS did not share the name of my blog or that it can be found at jewishjournal.com.  They simply said I write a blog.  Millions of people saw it and rather than guide them to my blog, CBS made me look like a cat lady who writes about dating from my basement.

In the end CBS was like a JDate date.  The guy writes to say he is single, 5’11”, thinks I’m pretty, and is dating with the hope of getting married one day, only to find out he is 5’6”, looking to get lucky, and has no goals to get married one day because he is already married.

I got duped by a charmer.  It happens.  My date with CBS was a dud.  Not the first time I was disappointed on a first date and probably not my last.  I had a good time, met some good people, and got to share my opinion, even though it was cut down to a 10 second comment.

The good news is that there are 20 minutes of a great interview with me about online dating and should anyone ever come across it, I can be proud of what I said and should someone want to find my blog through seeing me on the CBS piece they can.

They can Google Ilana, Llama, Iliana, Ilona, Llllaa, and any other variation of Ilana Angel and they will find me just like “Bill” did.  Bill saw the CBS piece, thought I was cute, and found my blog by searching for me.  He wrote to say that while he lives 2000 miles away, he’d like to have dinner.

It was very sweet and I appreciated that he took the time to find my blog after CBS failed to mention it.  He is kind and his letter was funny and entertaining, and as soon as he gets out of prison I will be sure to file a restraining order. Until then maybe we can be pen pals.

The CBS producer in NYC felt bad that my name and blog were not included.  He included it in the piece, but when it got out to all the affiliates, they were free to do whatever they wanted with it and most stations opted to remove it and we’ll never know why.

Everyone I met at CBS was great and I would work with them again if they needed my help.  Any dialogue about the dangers of online dating is important and in the end it was not about plugging my blog as much as it was about helping.  That said, a plug would have been really great.

I got an email from a Republican friend of mine who saw the piece and wrote to ask why they did not include the name of the blog.  I explained it to him and he said I was walking in Sarah Palin’s shoes and getting screwed over by mainstream media.  Hilarious Roger.  Truly.

I love Roger.  He is in love with Sarah Palin, both politically and personally, and is convinced I will vote for her one day.  I’m not sure that will ever happen, and it’s a huge leap to think my blog getting eliminated from a news piece is the same as how he feels Palin is treated by liberals.

I will however say this, to make fun of this woman’s children, particularly her son Trig, is shameful.  How dare anyone think it is okay to be so mean spirited when speaking of a child?  I am appalled and will not mention anyone or any company that was involved in the attack on Trig.

To mention her children in any way when referring to her politics or possible run for the White house is disgraceful and the people who went down this road should be boycotted.  Say whatever you want about Sarah Palin, but do not ever mention her beautiful young children.

If you want to bash her, have at it.  If you want to trash Bristol, go ahead.  She is an adult now and has chosen a public life, but you stay away from her other children and you certainly respect her precious little baby Trig, and all special needs children and adults.  Morons.

I had a bad date with CBS. In the big picture it’s not a big deal.  Sarah Palin’s innocent baby was attacked.  That is a big deal.  I am going to be fine and so will Sarah.  When people go after her it only makes her stronger.  All this hate could backfire and she might be President.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Shabbat Shalom to all and Happy Easter to those who celebrate.  If you’ve got a date this weekend, be careful.  Have fun but be cautious.  Love will be found online this weekend and it could be you so have hope, be smart, and keep the faith.