Why Do Republicans Hate Planned Parenthood and My Uterus So Much?

It would appear that Republican lawmakers have a problem with my uterus.  Just when you think they cannot be anymore frightening, and by frightening of course I mean idiotic, they announce that they will not agree to a budget that includes funding to Planned Parenthood.

It begs the question, do these Republican schmucks even know what Planned Parenthood is and what they do?  Here is a little history lesion gentlemen: Margaret Sanger was a nurse, who in 1916 opened the first birth control clinic in Brooklyn, at a time when contraception was illegal.

She was arrested in 1936 for purchasing birth control products through the mail, which led to a court order that changed the laws about contraception.  Because of her work, birth control and contraceptive devices were no longer considered “obscene” by our government.

From that one clinic in Brooklyn, Planned Parenthood was born, and currently has 800 health clinics across the United States.  They are not abortion clinics, which is what the Republican lawmakers seem to believe they are.  Abortions are only a small part of what they do.

To be clear, abortion is legal in every single state in America so it should not even be a part of this discussion.  Stopping funding to Planned Parenthood is not going to stop abortions.  What it will do is stop breast exams, cervical cancer screenings, and vaccines for STD’s.

Republicans have way more important things to worry about than hating my uterus.  The most disturbing part of this insanity is that the majority of these lawmakers don’t even have a uterus, so they should keep their mouths shut and focus on what is important.

Planned Parenthood’s President, Cecile Richards responded to the demand from the Republicans with this statement:

“It is truly unacceptable that a small group with an extreme political agenda is forcing a shutdown of the United States government over a dangerous proposal that would bar women from getting the lifesaving healthcare they need — breast exams, Pap tests, HIV tests and more. The American people expect their leaders to fix the economy and solve real problems, not shut down the government.  More than 70% of our health centers are located in rural America or communities that are medically underserved communities. That’s what’s getting lost here.”

Our country is facing a lot of problems and regardless of what side of the political fence you are on, you simply cannot think that this is okay.  Planned Parenthood is a necessary service in the country and lives will be impacted, and lost, if their funding is cut.  We need to speak out.

To the Republican lawmakers who came up with this brilliant idea, I have a message from my uterus:  I implore you, on behalf of myself and every uterus in America, including those of your wives, daughters and sisters, do not take away this important funding.

To the employees and volunteers of Planned Parenthood, you are doing a good thing and providing countless blessings to the women and families in need of your care.  To the people who utilize the services of Planned Parenthood, this too shall pass and everything will be okay.  Hang on and keep the faith.

** Join Scarlett Johansson in standing up for Planned Parenthood.  Vote.