It’s Guest Blogger Day so The Real Housewives of NYC Will Have to Wait!

At Passover we ask: ”Why is today different from all other days?” Well the reason that yesterday was different is because it was my mother’s birthday. She turned a whopping 45 and is rocking it. With her giant poof, her stunning beauty, and her great tan, she… oh wait, that’s Snooki.

My mom, as I have mentioned before, is just the greatest person. She is smart, funny, short, pretty, and cool. That’s right, my mom is most definitely the “Cool Mom”.  She always has something funny to say to my friends, she lets us cuss, and she takes us for pizza at 1:30 in the morning.

Yesterday for her birthday we went to Color-Me-Mine which lasted about 2 hours.  We decorated salt and pepper shakers and it was a blast. We then had an extremely delicious dinner at CPK, which was just amazing. It was a supremely great day, and I wish you, my mummy, the happiest year you could ever possibly have.

Mom and I got photos taken about 2 weeks ago.  The photo shoot was my mom’s birthday present to herself.  I really hope they turn out nice.  I think we got some pretty good shots in. There were some of my mom giving me a piggyback ride which I think will be my favorite.

We were both so happy during the shoot.  My mom is a riot.  She makes me laugh a lot but when I make her laugh, everything is right in the world.  My mom can do a nice fake laugh but when she thinks something is really funny she laughs from deep inside and it’s my favorite sound.

As my mum would say, Sidebar: Why Mr. Trump? You’re a great TV personality. You are extremely rich. You have anything you could ever want, so why President? Come on!  What the hell are you thinking? Do you think you will get votes because you are a good businessman?

Do you think America will want a President whose motto is “You’re fired!”, in this bad economy?  I hate to be mean and I know I’m just a kid, but really?  I guess you being able to fire people so easily might help you clean up Washington.  It’s weird, but could happen I guess.

Another sidebar: I want to publicly declare I am unbelievably saddened Steve Carrel is leaving The Office.  It is one of my favorite shows and he is what makes it. He has given us so many amazing quotes and laughs.  I think NBC will pull through and I have hope for you Dunder Mifflin.

Other than that, my life is pretty good since I last blogged. School is good, friends are good. I’m kind of just laying low in the ladies category. Nobody I really like and nobody really likes me (that I know of).  I’m going to have an epic weekend while my mom head to Canada for the weekend.

She is going to see a bunch of girls she has not since she was my age.  That was a long time ago but thanks to Facebook they got back in touch.  One of them, Liz, was here last year with her family and we went to Disneyland.  Her and mom were like kids only old.  It was cute.

I hope you had a very Happy Birthday Mummy and have fun on the weekend.  You love everything Canadian so it’s great you get to go to the homeland. Don’t worry about me or call 25 times a day.  I’m fine.  I’m having a blast with my friends and Heidi will take good care of me.

I love you very much.  You allow me to follow my dreams, and when I don’t believe, you believe in me until I can lift myself back up.  I am very lucky that you are my mom.  (Thanks for letting me blog today.)  My mom will get back to the Real Housewives next week, so keep the faith!