What a 45 year old Divorced, Jewish, Single Mom Blogger Knows For Sure

Today is my birthday and I am 45 years old.  I remember very clearly when my mother turned 40 and thinking she was ancient, so what does that make me? I can’t remember where I leave my keys most days, but I remember being young and I can honestly say that now is better.

Life is certainly more complicated as you get older, but also easier. Birthdays are a time of reflection for me and I don’t pay them much attention.  I have stopped giving myself unrealistic goals to hit by certain ages.  I am simply living my life and trying to learn as I go along.

For today’s blog I am going to share 45 things that I know for sure.  Not things that I think or feel, but rather things I actually believe to be true.  You can agree, or not, and it won’t matter because at 45, one of life’s great blessings is that I can own them as my beliefs without fear.

Here are 15 things I have discovered about myself:

1. I am a phenomenal mother.

2. I love my son as my mother loves me.

3. I miss my dad so much it aches.

4. I am funny.  Very funny.

5. I am a wonderful cook.

6. I will never wear a bikini.

7. I think golf is stupid.

8. I don’t forgive easily.

9. I dream of my son’s wedding.

10. I don’t like feeling lonely.

11. I am addicted to reality television.

12. I have an evolving relationship with God.

13. I fear death.

14. I have accepted my body. All of it.

15. I don’t care what people think of me.

Here are 15 things I have discovered since I began writing my blog:

1. People assume the worst.

2. Republicans can be quite nice.

3. Lots of people openly hate Jews.

4. Girls are mean no matter how old they are.

5. You can’t like Sarah Palin but must either love or hate her.

6. Stupid people can read.

7. People are uptight about sex.

8. Religion can make people scary.

9. Reality television is as addictive as heroin.

10. Prostitution is illegal but being a fame whore is not.

11. There are a lot of lonely people.

12. Many people are not having sex.

13. Manny Pacquiao is delicious.

14. You can be friends with someone you’ve never met.

15. I care what people think of me.

Here are 15 things I hope for:

1. I will dance with my son at his wedding.

2. My grandchildren will call me Nona.

3. I won’t die alone with 18 cats.

4. George Clooney falls in love with me.

5. I get trapped in an elevator with Russell Brand.

6. My son is safe, happy and healthy always.

7. I meet my beshert.

8. My trip to Canada is safe and my son’s weekend is fabulous.

9. I learn to make Tah-dig.

10. I get my taxes filed on time.

11. I learn how to use Twitter.

12. My son marries a nice Jewish girl.

13. I get married again.

14. Potato chips become the healthiest thing you can ever eat.

15. Sex is like riding a bike.

There you have it.  45 things on my 45th birthday.  I am 45 and fabulous. Aging is okay and I embrace it. I am blessed with a wonderful family and friends, a divine child, work I love, hope for the world, and an unwavering belief that I will find my great love if I always keep the faith.