An Exhausted Kid, Taxes, Flying, Cats, Prozac, DWTS & Jill Zarin

There are days when I look at my kid and feel a love so great I think I might explode.  Those days come around about every 24 hours.  I love him very much and not just because he is my kid, but because he is a wonderful human being.  He makes every single day of my life better and I am blessed.

He is a freshman in high school and he is doing great.  He gets fabulous grades, is commended by his teachers, has terrific friends, and is polite, funny, kind, generous, sensitive, thoughtful and exhausted kid.  I don’t remember high school being as busy for me as it is for him.

He has massive amounts of homework, and between the hours and workload, my kid is tired.  This morning he got all the way to school then called me to say he was not feeling good.  He came home, crawled back into bed and fell asleep.  It all caught up to him and he needed to sleep.

He could be getting sick I suppose, or having allergies, but it might simply be a matter of exhaustion.  I stayed home and checking in on him in his room reminded me of when he was a baby. The day of rest made him feel better, but it also did wonders for me, as I got a full day with my baby.

While he slept I got my taxes together.  It is April 5th and I am just now gathering all my tax information.  Can anyone explain to me why I waited so long?  I have filed in February for the last 20 years so I am not sure why I procrastinated for so long and am now anxious to get it done.

Speaking of anxious, I am going to Vancouver on Friday for a reunion dinner with my girlfriends from middle school.  It’s been 28 years and while I am not at all nervous about seeing them, flying makes me very nervous.  I have travelled extensively, all over the world, but flying is not my favorite.

I get nervous, stressed, and can only step foot on a plane if I am medicated.  It’s bad.  I love to travel and hate to fly.  It’s a mystery to me.  At the end of the day my desire to see these girls trumps my fear and so the countdown is on for my return trip to Canada with a pill to help me through.

I’m not the only one in my house having to take a magic pill.  My 2nd cat Gopher has still not adjusted to life here.  He loves our other cat Fiddles, but in all the months he’s been here I’ve never touched him.  He won’t get close to my son or me as he is skittish and not friendly.

He may be the worst cat ever, but I know if I don’t keep him he will be put down somewhere and my son wouldn’t be able to bare it.  So the little man is now on Prozac.  How totally LA am I that I have a pet on Prozac to help deal with his anxiety?  If it weren’t so sad, it would be hilarious.

He’s been on it for a few days and I must tell you there has been a marked difference.  Last night he walked around the house looking around like he just got here.  It was the cutest thing.  He smelled everything then plopped himself down in the living room and started to watch television.

He literally turned his head to the TV and settled in for Dancing With The Stars.  He was particularly interested in Kendra which was entertaining.  I thought Kirstie did great, even though she fell, and sadly I was not surprised that Wendy went home.  It’s such a shame she couldn’t relax.

I am a fan of hers.  I think she is funny and charming but the fabulous talk show Wendy did not translate well into the dancing Wendy.  It may have been the commuting from NYC, or maybe she is just a bad dancer, but she is a bright star and allowed herself to fizzle out which is too bad.

It’s also a shame that it’s only Wednesday because it feels like it should be Friday already.  I’m going to skip over Thursday as it’s my birthday and since I’m hitting 45, I’m just letting Thursday come and go quietly with the knowledge that 45 may be the year I find love again.

It could happen.  My beshert could be out there and this could be the year.  It could happen because miracles happen.  Speaking of miracles, this could be the year that Bethenny’s fans come to terms with the fact that I am not Jill Zarin.  We are actually two different people.

Just because someone does not love Bethenny does not make them Jill.  I like Jill Zarin.  I’ve never met her, but of all the housewives of NYC I think her journey with fame has been the most interesting.  She’s a good egg and in the battle that is Bethenny vs. Jill, I’m wearing a Team Jill t-shirt.

Bitter is the new black and 45 is the new 30 so it’s all good.  More than my birthday, Thursday is my 30th Anniversary with my son.  We are going to go out for a special dinner, go to Color Me Mine to make something for our home, and celebrate that we are together, blessed, and keeping the faith.