After Years of Storytelling, Bethenny Tells the Truth, But Just a Little

Bethenny starts off this week with a girl’s night out in anticipation of her 40th birthday.  She has her “friends” over and you can’t help but wonder who these women are.  She slams them, saying they look like hookers, and strippers.  They are now watching back asking why the hell they even went.

Bethenny says that if she were to die now there would be no regrets.  It’s sad.  She would not see her daughter grow up, or get married and have her own kids, but no regrets.  Good for her.  They are drunk, dancing and making fools of themselves while Bethenny does a mean spirited recap about all of them.

Bethenny gets the offer to do Skating With the Stars.  Well we all know how that turned out.  She is foaming at the mouth at the thought of doing it.  She panics for a second wondering how she will do it, but you know that regardless of what Jason thinks about it, she is going to skate.

Jason of course thinks it’s silly.  He asks her why she does not hold out for Dancing With the Stars and she shoots down that stupid show.  She does not want to do the 12th edition of anything, but rather the 1st edition of this.  Nobody wants her to do it, but surprise, she is doing it. 

She goes out for lunch with Shawn the party planner to discuss her birthday party.  She keeps talking about how everyone is harping on her to have a party, yet we have not heard anyone mention it but her.  Yet another story Bethenny has written in her head and adopted as real.

Sidebar:  Bethenny says that turning 40 is not a hard thing to do and can be achieved by sitting in the corner.  As my friend Matt fights cancer, and may not experience his 40’s, I want to tell her that it is hard actually.  Count your blessing you selfish, self-centered, ridiculous woman.

Bryn is a really adorable baby and I wonder what her life will be like when everything will revolve around her mother.  The way Bethenny describes her own mother, the one she does not talk to, is very similar to Bethenny’s own behavior.  Interesting how karma works.

Bethenny goes to a GLAAD event with her friend Jake and attempts to set him up.  She throws out lame gay jokes, and in a matter if minutes, makes me want to poke my eyes out.  She is back to party planning, the one she does not want, and is so full of crap that watching is painful.

She is talking about how at this stage of her life she wants something classy, yet she is saying sexually inappropriate things, to complete strangers, and acting like a child.  She contradicts herself non-stop and if it was not so gross, it would be funny but the thing is, she’s not funny.

At lunch with Jake and Lauren, Bethenny says she‘s not really one to plan her own party.  Is she high?  Bethenny is all about planning things for herself, by herself.  She forgets that we are watching her and remember what she has said.  She is out of control and the party is happening.

Bethenny and Jason are out walking and Bethenny is again a broken record.  She simply does not understand that she is married, has a family, and the world does not revolve around her.  It’s her party, with her friends, and when Jason calls her on her crap, she acts like a spoiled child

In therapy she is bagging on her dead father again.  She shares a birthday with her mother and she is comparing her childhood with that of Bryn.  She wants a big party for Bryn but she does not want a party for herself because birthdays are a hard memory.  She is crying again.

She talks about how horrible her parents were and this time she really talks about them on a different level.  Then she drops a bomb.  She says that she knows it sounds like she is making it up.  Bingo.  She also says that her childhood was not all bad and there were good times.

Perhaps Bethenny is realizing not everyone is buying what she is selling and decided to come clean.  I doubt it.  She is a master manipulator of the truth so maybe this is her way to ensure another season.  She can delve into the therapy more, which is worth another season.

Sidebar: If there is a therapist reading, can you tell me if it is unethical for a therapist to allow filming during a session?  It seems odd to me.  I really like her therapist, and I love therapy in general, but it seems to me that shooting it is pushing the boundaries of what is safe for the client.

Bethenny is at the skate shop, making fun of her staff, her friends, and strangers.  If people are not talking about her, she has nothing nice to say.  In the end she is cute to a little boy in the skating store.  It’s sweet until she tells someone to get his number like they are beneath her.

Bethenny is being really horrible to her professional skating partner.  She is making fun of him, saying he could have been an Olympian if he had not fallen during a critical skate, and it’s mean. She fell, and decides to trash him and his skating to make herself feel better.  Not nice.

Bethenny is out for dinner with Jason, Jake and his date.  A first date for Jake and it’s on TV.  Not cute.  They are crude and brash and it’s a shame because she is unable to control herself.  By unable of course I mean unwilling.  She knows exactly what she is doing and does it on purpose.

Next week will be the big 40th birthday party and in the trailer we see it’s going to be train wreck, but we knew it would.  I find her annoying and at the same time I feel sorry for Bethenny.  I’m hanging on until the episode when her mother is invited into therapy.  That will be perfection.

Even more fun than writing about this show are the comments from her fans.  They hate that I watch and write about it, yet they read my blog and keep coming back. She has a show and I watch.  Maybe it will be easier for all of you to understand if you just relax, and keep the faith.