Online Dating Gets Fun By Searching for Love through Twitter

I recently got an email from a young man in New York City named Jonathan.  He is in his twenties, and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.  Jonathan, along with his friend Ari, gradated in 2007 from the School of Engineering and Applied Science.  They met in the dining hall at school when they both went to grab a kosher meal.

They currently live on the Upper West Side of New York City and have started a new company called Luv@FirstTweet.  Before I tell you about their site, let me just say that while Ari has a fabulous girlfriend and is in a wonderful relationship, Jonathan is single and looking!  This is a really great kid and if you are interested let me know and I’ll make the introduction.

Sidebar:  When did a man in his late 20’s become a “kid” to me?  I will be 45 in a week and a half and the fact is he could be my kid.  I got old, and am not really clear on how that happened.  I like this kid.  There are very few role models for my son, but I have found one in Jonathan.  This is a polite, lovely, charming and focused young man.

If given an opportunity to have my son hang out for an afternoon with the “men” of Jersey Shore or Jonathan and Ari, I’m sending him out for kosher pizza with the boys of Luv@FirstTweet.  I think their idea is cute and while it’s not really for my age group, I’ve signed up to support these kids, and also because it’s a fun thing.

I’m not much of tweeter, although I’m learning about it, and will get into it more.  Other than my blog getting tweeted everyday, I don’t really use it, but it’s fun and meeting people for dating over twitter is brilliant. I am now registered on their site so if you’re there too, and you should be, say hello to me @KeepFaithBlog.

Here is how it works:  is a free online dating service for Twitter accounts that is fun, quick, and easy to use.  Someone begins by registering on Twitter, then LAFT tweets out one question every single day, and it ranges from something like what’s your favorite movie or local restaurant, to things like what a unique skill you possess is or values that are important to you.

Individuals Tweet in responses (or direct message if you’d like to keep it private) and then they automatically collect them and build profiles on all of their users.  Once you answer several questions, they notify you of matches. These matches take into account your desired age range and location of your match, and for each match you’re shown several things you have in common as well as a photo of your match.

This enables a more meaningful introduction than other dating websites where most people have generic profiles and it is often difficult to start a conversation off a mutual interest.  With Luv@FirstTweet you can potentially have seen the same concert or been to a similar museum exhibit, things that lend themselves to further conversation, and are perfect ways to break the ice with someone.

Their goal is to revolutionize online dating and change the current paradigm where people spend more time in front of their computers creating and browsing profiles as opposed to actually living their lives and going on dates. By being fun, simple, and quick, Luv@FirstTweet changes the game.  There’s no browsing profiles and sending a million messages.  Just send a tweet a day while in line for a coffee, waiting for a cab, or bored at work.

They do the rest, and match you with people you’re likely to find interesting, and they give you a way to introduce yourself.  It’s that simple.  If I were in my 20’s or 30”s I’d much rather do this, for free, than give my hard earned money to the JDate hell train.  Even if you are older, support these great kids by joining, and be sure to say hello to me.

I wish Jonathan and Ari success in their new venture.  I hope this blog gets them a few more users, and perhaps a date for Jonathan!  He does not use the service as it’s a conflict of interest so I’m taking it upon myself to help him out. If I were not so old I’d be asking him out dinner, right now, on Twitter! I wish Jonathan, Ari and Luv@FirstTweet success, hope they stay humble, and always remember to keep the faith.