A St. Patrick’s Day Journey to Laugh, Love, Breathe, Make Love, Cry & Live

I have received countless emails asking me to update you on my friend Matt.  It’s very sweet and touching how many of you have asked how he’s doing. With Matt’s permission, I am going to tell you about the journey that this remarkable man is on, and how much he appreciates your prayers.

I first met Matt back in early January.  I had been on a bad date, saw Matt driving in his truck, lost my mind for a moment, followed him for reasons that I still don’t understand, and ended up asking him out on date.  You can read the blog I wrote after meeting Matt here: How I Met Matt

I went out on a date with Matt on January 13th.  It was instant love and we spent hours together.  It was the single greatest date I have ever had, and he is the most wonderful man I have ever known.  He is a dear, dear friend and a soul mate.  You can read about our date here:  My 1st Date With Matt

Matt has been through some pretty rough chemotherapy.  He had cancer when he was younger and the cancer has returned for a second battle. He got through it, rocking a seriously sexy bald head, and is doing okay today.  On this St. Patrick’s Day, Matt is on holiday in England.

Matt has decided to live his life and live it large.  He is sucking every last drop out of life that he has, building memories and having experiences he has always wanted.  He is spending his days laughing, taking deep breathes, and being grateful.  He is not dying, simply focused on living.

His goal is to spend his time “laughing, loving, breathing, making love and living”.  He has not given up, he is just between battles and since we don’t know how or when the fight will end, he is using this time to live, rather than preparing for what may be his death.  I am very proud of him.

To Matt, your postcards are very retro, and I look forward to checking my mail everyday to see what you have sent.  I love it that you are sending them to me so I can touch what you have touched, not just read an email.  They matter, even the offensive ones that I know you think will upset my mailman.

Matt will be back in Los Angeles in a few days and I am looking forward to picking him up at the airport.  My life is better with you in it Matt and I pray you come home safe, rested, and ready to battle, because I’m not letting you go.  You are my friend and my prayers are following you wherever you go.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers to Matt.  I have read every single one of your messages to Matt and they make him happy.  Particularly the ones from all the ladies.  As for the woman in Chicago who said she wanted a date, Matt says he’s game and will email you when he gets home.

You never know who you will cross paths with in life.  I thank God for the moment of insanity that made me follow a stranger in a truck.  I’m sending love to Matt, gratitude to my readers, prayers to Japan, and the very best wishes to everyone battling cancer.  Be strong and keep the faith.