Bethenny Frankel: Bad – Jason Hoppy: Good – Max: Dumped & Nick: Perfection

This week Bethenny is looking more and more skeletal.  Someone needs to give this girl a sandwich and have her eat more than just one bite.  We see her eating a lot of things but it’s only one bite.  She is painfully thin and her face now looks stretched against her bones.

We start with Bethenny taking the baby and dog for a walk.  It’s fascinating that she is walking around with a camera crew, yet needs to duck from the one paparazzi on her street. She hides behind some guy who has no clue who she is which is great. Her ego is massive.

Bethenny is telling us about how brilliant she is by inventing her margarita.  She and Jason are talking to a store owner about how sales.  Jason is sweet and shakes his hand as they leave, Bethenny is rude and does not shake his hand when she leaves his store.  Bitchy.

Jason tells her he is worried for the storeowner as he is losing business and she responds by saying there are tons of “him” across the country. She is so self absorbed and selfish that I find her painful.  I can’t turn it off, but I am completely put off by her.  I now watch to see everyone but Bethenny.

Jason is nervous about working with Bethenny on her business.  Let’s talk about Jason for a minute.  He is great.  Smart, funny, charming, handsome and loves his wife.  How he puts up with her is a mystery.  I don’t know how he does it, especially when she is so horrible to his family.

Nick, the young man who she interviewed to be her assistant, is a total foodie and she loves him.  She invites him over to discuss writing a blog about food for her website.  He is a sweet guy and I find him endearing. I find her offensive and can see her buying her own hype as she speaks.

Bethenny talks in interviews about how Jason wanted her to quit the housewives show because it was too much.  Really?  How does he feel about their show?  She is everywhere, for things that make no sense, talking about how she loves her alone time with Bryn.  I would be annoyed.

Nick the foodie comes over because she likes him, and just as quick as she makes me sick, I love her.  I love Bethenny for loving Nick.  I love Nick.  I think he is really lovely and that she gets it is nice.  Then she is mean and the moment of love is gone.  She ruins it all in less than a minute.

Nick meets the baby and immediately says to Bryn that it’s nice to meet her.  He is so cute.  This is a great kid and I hope something good happens for him.  I wish she would stop calling him unusual.  Every time she talks about him, or sees him, she is a little mean and needs to stop.

Bethenny is now at a photo shoot.  Someone comes up to Julie and asks if they want something to eat, Bethenny answers no they don’t.  Then cut to Julie sitting and working, and Bethenny eating.  She just comes across as egomaniacal and selfish.  Bethenny.  Bethenny.  Bethenny.

Gina comes to the photo shoot with Bryn and is talking about how she is getting screwed by her husband.  Bethenny tells us Gina is separated and there are problems.  Maybe there are problems because she has been with Bethenny forever, and should go home to handle her business.

We’re in therapy and I like her therapist.  He is a good egg.  Bethenny is talking about how she wants Jason to be working with her on the business.  The therapist is talking about Jason and Bethenny answers every question about her not Jason.  It’s fascinating how she does it.

Bethenny Frankel is able to make every subject on the planet about her.  If you have a headache, she’s got a migraine.  If you have a stomachache, she has an ulcer.  She one-ups everyone.  I have seriously never seen anyone master their ego like this woman does.

Bethenny takes Gina for a mani/pedi for her birthday.  It’s a nice gesture but then she takes all the niceness out of it by trying to be funny, but being rude.  She gives a compliment then snaps it away.  I love you here’s a spa treat, you have hooves and they will charge me extra.

It’s not nice.  There is a way to be funny and sharp-tongued without being mean.  Gina is talking about her struggles, and then Bethenny starts crying and makes it all about her.  How does she do it?  How does she manage to make a special day for someone else all about her?  How and why?

Bethenny is talking about Max and how she needs to fire him.  Sidebar:  When Bethenny is in the kitchen, with no make-up, hair a mess, in her pajamas, she looks beautiful.  It’s the prettiest she has ever looked.  She is cooking and slamming Max for being short and a fame whore.

Max comes over and Bethenny is horrible to him.  Granted he is a schmuck and was only there for his 15 minutes, but she is slamming him.  He is a kid, and she set the tone for their relationship, but is not taking responsibility for any of it.  She is on the warpath and he can’t be saved.

Max is fired while Bethenny checks her email.  She fires him without a hug, but a casual “see you later”.  He bought her underwear, and her crib, and she could have given him a hug, thanked him, and let him go.  Instead she embarrassed him for no other reason than to show she is serious.

Jason is putting together a toy and Bethenny is shooting daggers at him for being slow.  He wakes up Bryn and she covers the baby’s mouth.  It was a weird reaction.  Was she trying to shut her up?  Stop her from crying?  She cannot let Jason do it, jumps in and does it herself.  Expected.

Bethenny is whoring herself out to another event and Jason goes with her.  He is talking to everyone, being charming and she the invited speaker, is sitting with her assistant not talking or mingling with anyone.  She tries to be funny, humiliates him, and wraps it up.  Interesting.

Nick and Bethenny go to a street food fair.  He does not eat pork but takes a bite by accident and he handles it so sweetly.  I love Nick.  Bethenny takes off and leaves him behind.  She calls Jason and asks him to come join them, but manages to do it while slamming Nick.  Bethenny is rude.

Sidebar:  Does Bethenny not know that everything she says will come back to bite her in the ass?  She calls Jason a douche, and likes to talk badly about people, yet her fanatics get all bent out of shape when I speak in an unflattering way about their girl.  Whatever.  Hypocrites.

Bethenny sure does drink a lot.  By a lot of course I mean all the time, including in the park with her baby which I think s weird.  They throw a party for Gina and she says she will be staying for a few more months.  Who has a baby burse until their baby is 1?  Apparently Bethenny does.

Jason helps her with her business, she says thank you, that she loves him, and the whole time you can hear the cash register ringing in her ears.  In the teaser for next week and we see we can expect her to be mean to Jason’s parents.  At some point she’ll need to be shut it down.

Bethenny has moments to keep her endearing, but those are fading.  I am watching now for Jason and for Nick.  They are fabulous and enough to keep me tuning in.  Plus Bethenny is going to have a meltdown at any moment.  I hope I can hang in long enough to see it, so I’m keeping the faith.