“MAYBE”  TILES

No, “Maybe” tiles are not a new Suit or a new kind of tile.  They are tiles that you just keep that do not really help or strengthen the hand you’re playing. You might get them in the Charleston or decide to keep them as you’re playing the game. But for the novice player, they can be the source of chaos and confusion.

Here are examples of maybe tiles.

You are playing an even hand that requires 2 and 4Crak.  In the Charleston, you get a 2Bam. 

You are playing a 369 one-Suited hand.  You pick a tile of the same Suit, but not a 3, 6 or 9.

You are playing a 1,3, 5 odd hand in Crak. You get a 9 Crak.

None of these tiles are “keepers”.  In the first example, the 2Bam, although it’s an even numbered tile, it’s the wrong Suit.

In the second example, tho the Suit is correct, it’s a wrong number.

In the third example, your hand requires low numbers—9 is a high number.

The tendency to keep Flowers, extra or otherwise or tiles that make a Pair unrelated to your hand is usually counter-productive.

So “Maybe I’ll save this if I change my mind” or “Maybe I’ll keep it for later” is, in most instances, not a good idea.  When you have a specific hand to play, don’t get sidetracked by maybe tiles.  Keep your “eyes on the prize”!

Til the next time…..