Bethenny Frankel is a Broken Record.

This week’s show starts with Bethenny talking about how this is her time.  Her life is very glamorous and she has a make up artist, a hairdresser, and a stylist.  She is so fancy.  Never once mentioning how wonderful it is for her family, only for her.  And so the ugly begins.

It’s all about Bethenny, all of the time, and while she says things that are so cute and charming, her brashness trumps it all and she is occasionally unappealing.  I want so much to like her and in the end it just never quite clicks in.  I’m not buying what she is trying to sell.

Sidebar:  Why does she need a hairdresser to come and give her a ponytail?  Really?  You need to hire someone to come and put your hair in a ponytail?  Can you spell pretentious Bethenny?  Bethenny and Jason go out to eat on their way to a party that she is drooling over, and he could care less about.

They run into Nick who interviewed for the intern job that eventually went to Max.  I love this kid.  Bethenny is stoked to see him, buys him dinner and wants to talk to him about everything.  It’s one of the moments when you love her for being so lovely.  I want to go out for dinner with Nick.

I want him to have his own show, get rich, and be able to eat at any restaurant he wants to, and meet a nice girl, and get married, and have her understand him, and live happily ever after.  I know we need to get back to her, but seriously, this is a really compelling kid and I love him.

In the car Bethenny tells Jason that she is worried that her life is too much about her and not them.  She sounds insincere.  Her words are fake, for television, and spoken by the same girl who fake cries constantly and made up her childhood for sympathy and good ratings.

She goes off about how hard her life is and fake cries about her exhaustion.  She is a broken record.  They are sitting at home talking about whatever and Jason says he would like to go to his parents on the weekend, but she does not want to go, and won’t let him take the baby.

It’s the same show every week.  Jason is a doll, and she is a spoiled brat who belittles her husband and treats him like garbage.  The more he talks in a calm manner, the more she looks crazy, sounds deranged, and gets uglier and uglier.  She is mean, selfish, and narcissistic.

Bethenny is talking with Julie and she gives her a promotion and a raise.  What’s so interesting is that Bethenny goes on about how Julie knows every single thing about her, but yet she sounded surprised to hear that Julie was moving into a new apartment.  She really is only into herself.

Bethenny is doing a makeover with Julie and the producer of the segment comes in, he is cute, and she makes a fool of herself flirting with him.  It’s creepy.  Julie is getting her hair done and Bethenny makes it about her again.  She is a master of twisting everything to her.

The before and after makeover is revealed and Julie looks beautiful.  The Rachael Ray show does a great job and Bethenny says she is so happy she makes these things happen for Julie.  Really?  You did not make it happen Bethenny, Rachael made it happen.  It was about Julie.

Sidebar:  I would rather change my baby on my lap and get covered with his poop than change him on the floor of a public bathroom.  Just saying.  Bethenny is at therapy and her doctor is great.  She is spewing about Jason’s family and how they are overtaking their lives.

Jason and Bethenny are out for drinks and Jason is adorable.  He is fabulous and wasted on this narcissist.  Her therapist clearly tells her to not discuss visiting Jason’s parents with Jason, but they are out on a date for 5 minutes and she is all over it.  Not a good listener Bethenny.

He again talks about how she does not want to be with his parents on every holiday, and he is a mensch about the whole thing.  She says she does not want to go through life thinking she is the crazy one.  Newsflash Bethenny, you are the crazy one and we will happily keep reminding you.

Crying, complaining, screaming.  She is stressed out.  Blah. Blah. Blah.  Bethenny, you are ruining things by talking.  Just stop.  Look at what you have and just stop. We’re in your corner.  A lot of times we want to slam you up against the wall, but it’s a wall in your corner sweetie.

I cannot stop watching this show.  I find Bethenny to be beautiful and ugly, endearing and repulsive.  I’m in and will keep watching.  Next week looks great and I hope she fires Max and hires Nick.  This show is a train wreck so I’m buckling up, enjoying the ride, and keeping the faith.