The Best Part of The Bachelor Was Dancing With the Stars

I started to watch The Bachelor and after 30 seconds of listening to his painfully annoying voice, and the constant repetition and recapping of past episodes, I had to start fast forwarding for fear that if I did not, I would suffocate myself just to make it end.

I skipped though 1 hour and 37 minutes and seriously don’t think I missed a thing.  I rejoined the show just as Chris Harrison was setting up the rose ceremony.  Then Brad asks if he can speak with Ashley alone for a minute.  They are talking about how their date tanked.

I was tempted to go back and watch what happened but in the end I didn’t care enough to do it.  I was about cave and go back when Brad said that he’s “been thinking about their date and does not understand what happened.”  As soon as he said it I could not stop laughing.

I think he actually may have hurt himself with all the thinking.  Maybe he pulled something, which caused him to have slowed and slurred speech, and it was hilarious.  He is a dufus and Ashley is lucky that she blew their date and got she hell out of there and away from Mr. Gump.

He goes back and starts talking to Chantal and Emily and I start praying for a power outage.  There are now two women and two roses but he still goes ahead and asks them if they want a rose and it is so ridiculous that I feel I might hurl.  Brad makes me want to projectile vomit.

Instead of puking I poured myself a glass of wine and went through the list of the newest cast members of Dancing With The Stars.  I love this show.  I think Brooke Burke is useless, but I think Tom Bergeron is the most talented of all reality competition hosts and needs to win an Emmy for DWTS.

This cast can be separated into three categories:  1) People I am familiar with, and have an opinion about.  2) People I have never heard of, and have an opinion about.  3) The wildcard celebrity who might surprise us by being both entertaining and a really good dancer.


Sugar Ray Leonard – I love him.

Ralph Macchio – The one I am most excited about.

Kirstie Alley – She will be entertaining.

Wendy Williams – Buckle up people.

Kendra Wilkinson – The Va-va-Voom factor


Romeo – Whatever.

Petra Nemkova – Blah. Blah. Blah.

Chelsea Kane – B’Bye.

Hines Ward – Okay.

“Psycho Mike” Catherwood – Really?


Chris Jericho – Bam!

I love Dancing With The Stars and even though this isn’t the greatest group of celebs, there are enough that I care about to watch.  The truth is, even if I didn’t have interest in any of them, I would still watch because it’s entertaining, inspiring, and Tom is divine.

Even more exciting than the beginning of DWTS newest season, is that it will mark the end of The Bachelor and maybe we can finally say goodbye to Brad Womack.  The crap of The Bachelor is leading us to the beauty of DWTS and for that I am grateful and keeping the faith.