Bethenny is Back, Living Happily Ever After & Still Making it All About Her

We knew she was coming back.  We knew she would be true to herself.  (By true to herself of course I mean true to the fake person she has created.) We knew she would be uninhibited, and a little crass, but were we expecting her, on the first show of her 2nd season, to be a total bitch?

We start off with Bethenny and Jason going for a walk with the baby and the dog.  Not even a minute in and she is complaining about her life.  Blah. Blah, Blah.  Skinny Girl needs help, she is stretched thin being a mom, and a wife, and a businesswoman.  It took no time for me to not dig her.

Is Bethenny Frankel the first woman on the planet to juggle more than one thing?  Seriously, I want nothing more than to like her but she is making it so hard.  I have raised my 15 year old son by myself, with no baby nurse, no husband, no sleep, and no money, yet I never complained as much as she does.

Bethenny and Jason are talking about wills, and life insurance and she is hilarious.  This show makes me a little crazy.  I like her one minute, and the next I want to smack her.  Now before the Bethenny fanatics say I am threatening their goddess, I don’t really want to smack her, just shove her.

She goes to get fitted for a bra and let me say, Bethenny has the most incredible body.  Ever.  It’s just gorgeous and I was impressed, totally envious, and completely jealous.  That she sells all things skinny girl is ridiculous because that body is given by God, not achieved by diet.

She is complaining about having to visit Jason’s parents, to a complete stranger, and in front of the cameras.  Does she not know that this will hurt their feelings?  Does she not care?  Is she so self-absorbed that she is incapable of caring about anyone else?  Guess what I think?

They are headed to Pennsylvania to visit Jason’s parents.  Bethenny lets Jason know she wants to move to Los Angeles.  He tells her his job is in NYC, and she tells him she will trade a second baby for a move to California.  I suppose she was trying to be funny but it wasn’t funny, it was gross.

They are in the town where Jason grew up, having lunch.  He is talking about his childhood and she breaks out the broken record.  There is so much going on, with being a wife, a mother, work, and juggling her responsibilities.  Dear Lord Bethenny, shut up with the complaining.

It’s time for dinner with his parents.  They talk about maybe moving to California and Jason’s parents are shaken.  It goes from a simple comment about a possible move down the road, and Bethenny changes it into a mean spirited attack on how close they all are as a family. Bitch.

It’s so sad.  His parents are about to cry, Jason is clearly uncomfortable, and the mom sucks up to Bethenny, even though you know she thinks she is a bitch, because she feels the need to play the game so Bethenny does not get mad and stop her from seeing her one and only grandchild.

The grandparents talk about seeing them at Halloween and Bethenny tells then that she needs to have things with her own family, just the three of them, and not everything can include them.  It feels mean.  She calls it communicating but I call it unnecessary roughness.

Jason and Bethenny go out for drinks with Jason’s childhood friends and they could not be nicer to her.  They both get hammered, his friends embrace her, she feels closer to Jason, and then she fake cries at how lovely they are.  Whatever.  I need to get hammered to watch this show.

They head back to NYC and Jason’s dad cries as they leave.  They are sweet people and all I can think about as they drive away is that I pray to God that my son, who I love more than life its self, and would do anything for, does not marry a narcissistic bitch like Bethenny.

The show ends with Bethenny in therapy.  She is trying to cry but it’s faker than a three dollar bill.  She’s sniffing, but there are no tears, no snot, no nothing. She is making crap up, believing her lies, and it’s transparent.  I don’t feel sorry for her, but I do feel bad for her mother.

It must be horrible for a child to not want to have contact with their parents because there is no connection.  It must be devastating for a mother to not have a relationship with her child.  I am going to call my mother, tell her how much I love her, and then tell my son the same.

I am going to keep watching this show because I can’t stop.  I am fascinated by her and the ability she has to make me love her, hate her, then hate her some more.  I’m in, so the Bethenny fanatics can start writing the hate mail.  I will take it all with a grain of salt, and keep the faith.