Charlie Sheen – King of the Selfish Douchelords

Charlie Sheen is a douchelord.  Regardless of what you think about him as an actor, man, husband or dad, if you put all that aside and just focus on his decency as a human being, he is an ass.  He has put hundreds of people out of work because his ego, and his addictions, are too big for him to handle.

I would be lying if I said I was not totally entertained by his erratic behavior and countless rants, but let’s look at the bigger picture, there are people who work on his show that are now unemployed, and it is 100% his fault.  He is sitting pretty with his millions and no financial worries, while others will suffer.

Families are going to struggle.  He could have kept his mouth shut and gone back to work, but instead he decided he would screw people over.  It truly is that simple, he made a decision that put him first, and hundreds of families will have to pay the incredibly steep price for his ignorance.

I remember when Charlie was talented and handsome.  He is now a pig.  By pig of course I mean a selfish douchelord.  To Charlie, his kids, and his family, I hope you get help and save yourself.  You’re career is shot, but save yourself.  To the people who lost their jobs today, I wish you all the best.  Keep the faith.