I Saw “Never Say Never” & am Not Ashamed to Say: I LOVE Justin Bieber

I am 44 years old and when it comes to Justin Bieber, my heart flutters like I am a 13 year old girl.  I just love him.  I love his music, his voice, his mom, his story, all of it.  If he would just cut his hair, he would be about perfect.  Of course if I were not 44 years old, I would probably love his hair.

I don’t know what it is about this kid that I like so much, but I really just adore him.  I want him to be happy and successful.  I want his dreams to come true, and I want him to not lose his way, as so many other young people have after finding success so early.  He is a really special kid.

I saw Justin’s film “Never Say Never” this weekend and I absolutely loved it.  Loved his mom, and his grandparents.  When his dad went to his first concert, and he cried while he watched his kid, it made me cry.  When his grandpa talked about how hard it was to let Justin go, I cried again.

When Justin had a headache on the tour bus and his mom climbed into bed, hugged him, and prayed for his headache to go away, I cried.  When he told the little girl playing the violin outside the same theater he played at when he was starting out, to never give up on her dreams, I cried.

I know, I’m pathetic, but seriously this is a great film.  All mothers should go see this movie.  I not only went to see it, but I saw it with my own 15 year old son.  My son has his own dreams and hopes for a big life and watching him, watch this boy’s dreams come true, was a powerful thing.

To watch Justin’s mom support the dreams of her son, making sure they were his dreams, and supporting him while keeping control, was inspiring.  We all want great things for our kids, and sometimes their dreams for themselves are not the dreams we have for them.

She has done a commendable job at raising a fine young man, and allowing him to follow his dreams, without letting go of hers.  You see her love for him, and her pride, and it’s touching.  I think she is impressive, and her parents are lovely.  They ARE Canadian, but I’m not biased.

I downloaded Justin onto my iPod today.  I worked out to his songs on a loop and found myself singing along.  I love this kid, love his record, and as the mother of a son whose dreams involve the entertainment industry, I will watch this young man’s career with a vested interest.

He is an inspiration to me, and his mother is a role model.  I love my son, and as a single parent, stakes are high.  I want him to be happy, and to always remember the lessons I have taught him, so he is a decent human being.  I want his career to be a passion, and not just a job.

Since admission is the first step to recovery, my name is Ilana, and I love Justin Bieber.  Go see this movie.  It is really good.  It will make you laugh, and cry.  It will make you embrace your children’s dreams, and will even make your heart flutter.  I love you Justin Bieber.  Keep the faith.