Dating + Valentine’s Day + Diamond Commercials = the Making of a Cat Lady

We are 6 days away from Valentine’s Day. I think having a day dedicated to love is a beautiful thing.  I have Jewish friends who do not celebrate Valentine’s Day because they feel it is not permitted for Jews, and I respect their views, but I love this day and will be celebrating.

I have a date for dinner with my son, and I am really looking forward to it.  That a 15 year old boy is willing to go out for dinner with his mom, on Valentine’s Day, and actually said yes when asked to be her Valentine, is a blessing.  I am very proud of our relationship.

Dating around Valentine’s Day is a drag.  I feel stress around New Year’s because it’s nice to have a date to kiss and ring in the New Year, but Valentine’s Day is just sad.  When you are hoping to have love in your life, this day is a painful reminder that you don’t and commercials don’t help.

I’m super sensitive and sappy all the time, but diamond commercials around this time of year are brutal.  Last night I sat on the couch, with my cats, when a commercial for Kay Jewelers came on, and I cried.  I looked at the cats and started to explain to them why I was crying.

Yes it’s true, I spoke to my cats as if they not only understood me, but were sympathetic to my feelings.  In talking to them, I was not inspired to go online and try to meet someone new and fabulous.  Instead, I wondered if perhaps I should go to the animal shelter and get another cat.

Is this a sign?  Could I be in the early stages of Cat-lady-itis?  When getting a cat is more important than getting a date, should I be concerned?  Was it only a matter of time before my priorities shifted and the companionship of a cat trumped the companionship of a man?

I joke about it a lot, but could there now be an underlying truth to my jokes?  Am I really a cat lady?  I have a date on Thursday night so I will try to shift my focus off the cats and back on dating.  It could go either way.  Maybe it’s just a phase I’m going through as I approach 45.

I am blessed to want a man and not need one.  I love my cats, and my son will be the perfect date for Valentine’s Day.  All is well and I will let you know how Thursday goes.  The good news is there is a new Jewish dating site I am going to try so there is hope.  I am keeping the faith.