The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Bitch, Bully, Barbie, Bull & Big Bucks

After a huge build up, the second half of the reunion kind of fizzled out.  It was good, but not as great as they would have wanted us to believe.  These women gave us a great show that was fun to watch, but when they are all together in a room, having time to think about what to say, they are not nearly as interesting as when they are caught up in their lives and forget the cameras are rolling.

Camille was the focus of the reunion and in the end I found myself liking her, which was unexpected.  She came across as a bitch, which I imagine she is, but during the reunion it would appear that the real bitch of the season is Kyle.  Kyle went into the reunion looking to paint Camille as horrible but in the end, she looked mean spirited.  Camille is more dumb than bitchy, but Kyle is pure bitchy.

Lisa was lovely during the show and was lovely last night.  She is the only one who was never a bitch and always real.  I feel bad about the whole situation with Cedric.  Poor Cedric.  He’s attractive but insanely stupid. His lies started to unravel and he wasn’t smart enough to patch the lies together.  If you are going to say your mother is a whore you don’t know, best to not have sisters who prove you’re a liar.

The interview with Cedric was a waste of time.  Who cares that he is acting and who cares about his opinion?  He is not a housewife, he is a leech and we don’t believe anything he says, so why interview him at all?  I thought it was a crappy thing for Andy to do.  The time would have been better spent talking to the ladies about the season.  Cedric is a pig and a lowlife and Andy including him, hows he is too.

Taylor looked sad which was hard to watch.  She is trying to save her marriage and so good for her.  She is a pretty girl and I feel for her.  I am not buying the sweet southern girl thing though because there is a hardcore bitch waiting just under the surface.  She is a mean girl and the scariest mean girl is a pretty one.  I like her but would be careful ladies because she might flip to the dark side.

Andy gets into a fun conversation about sex and then takes it back to Cedric.  If he is a fame whore who was using her for money and fame, then why spend so much time talking about him? He got exactly what he wanted.  Andy focused a lot of the show on him, which was lame.  Lame and boring.  In the end Lisa and Ken are the greatest couple on this show and so enough with Cedric.  We don’t care Andy.

The dynamic between Kyle and Kim is sad to watch.  Kyle, while my favorite during the season, is a total bitch, especially when it comes to her sister.  I get that it’s a television show and we don’t know the history, or what goes on in private, but Kyle shoved her sister under the bus and I think that was gross.  Kyle started crying and I don’t think it had anything to do with Kim, it was trying to get us to feel sorry for her.

Kyle sees her popularity slipping away and the more Andy calls her out on being mean to Kim, the harder she cried and I’m not buying it.  Kim them bursts into tears and it’s heartbreaking.  She is the one who was hurt, yet she is defending Kyle and her actions.  It’s all very sad.  I feel bad for Kim and I hope she will be okay.  Kyle is a bully and if Kim is drinking, she can take some of the responsibility for that.

Her tears seemed fake, there was no apology, and even when Kyle asked if she could swap places with Camille and sit next to Kim, she just sat there.  Did not hug her, or tell her she was sorry.  Kim was saying over and over that she loved her, and was a lady about the situation, but Kyle just sat there making no effort to comfort Kim.  It pissed me off to watch.  Kyle still could not do the right thing by her sister.

Kyle had so many opportunities to say she was sorry.  She said she wished she could take it back, but never once told her sister she was sorry.  Kim is classy and trying to be nice and Kyle shoves her under the bus again, saying Kim’s take on the whole thing was not completely accurate.  There is a history we don’t know about, but regardless of the bigger picture, Kyle is mean and there was no hiding that.

Camille is a little crazy.  We get it.  I will give her a break because of the crap that was happening in her personal life.  She is not looking to pick fights, but Kyle is.  Kyle is the worse kind of mean girl.  She looks at you, tells you that she loves you, then when you turn away she talks smack.  Kyle showing the pictures of Camille in the car was gross and in the end Kyle is gross and cannot be trusted.

It was a season of bitches, bullies, Barbie, bull and big bucks.  They are real women with real issues and it was fun to watch.  In the end I’m ending the season feeling much different about each of them than I did at the beginning of the season.  It will be interesting to see who comes back, and where it will go from here.  I wish them well and hope they will all be back for another round and to Kim, keep the faith.