Jersey Shore, Real Housewives, American Idol and the Kardashian Sisters

I am not ashamed to say that at 44, I not only watch Jersey Shore, I love it.  I don’t know what it is that is so appealing, but they are completely entertaining.  I have become invested in them and actually wish them well.  I think Jenny and Snooki are hilarious, and inherently good people.  I look forward to their own show, which is currently filming in NYC.

Deena, the new girl, is sweet, Ronnie and Sammi are painful to watch, Vinny and Pauly D are living a life that sadly my 15 year old and his friends think is awesome.  Then you have the Situation who may be the sweetest most disgusting 30 something year old man in America.  This guy is creepy, trying to recapture his youth, and a pervert.  That said, he’s also harmless.

The next season of The Jersey Shore will be shot in Italy and all hell is breaking loose.  Italian American groups are up in arms they are coming, but I think it’s awesome.  I don’t know if any of the cast speak Italian, but it promises to be an entertaining romp through Italy and I think it will be great.  Jersey Shore is my guilty pleasure.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had the first part of its reunion last night and it was interesting.  I like these women because I feel like they are the most authentic of all the groups, but last night was sad.  I had no idea that Taylor had a lip implant.  She is too pretty to have ruined her face like that.  She is also a complete bitch, mean spirited and not pleasant.

It could be from a lack of sex since her husband is possibly the most unappealing sour puss on television.  Lisa was funny and fabulous.  Kyle was quiet and stewing for an explosion, Adrienne simply has nothing of interest to say, Kim was drunk, and Camille was fascinating.  I feel bad Camille because I believe she was portrayed in a bad light to a certain degree.

Regardless of what you think about her as one of the housewives, she got screwed over by her husband.  Not only did he screw her over, but he plotted and did it in a public way that ensured her humiliation.  She will get over $50 million for her trouble so she can’t really complain.  In the end her marriage ended and that is sad regardless of how much money is involved.

I am back on board with American Idol after a couple of years of thinking it was lame.  Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez have saved this show from itself, and it’s fun to watch.  The thing is, they are milking every single sob story and I find myself, even just through the audition process, pulling for people based on their stories, not their talent and that’s a shame.

The guy with the girlfriend in the wheelchair after the car accident, the girl who works as a janitor at the stadium, the 15 year old chubby kid, the red headed kid who is bullied by everyone, and the hillbilly whose parents have fostered over 700 special need kids, are all people that I want to win and while I remember all their stories, could not tell you if they can sing.

I love this show.  I even love Ryan and that is weird because he’s so annoying.  I’m sure he will be irritating when the show goes live, but for now he is charming, funny and entertaining.  I’m hooked, and will watch till the bitter end.  They have managed to make this show fresh and that is awesome.  American Idol is back and better than ever, so who cares if anyone can sing.

As I write this I am watching the Kardashian sisters, Kim and Kourtney, on the Piers Morgan show.  Really?  Who are these girls and why are they worth $100 million dollars?  They are beautiful to be sure, but there is really no talent here.  They are simply pretty.  Their voices are high pitched and whiney, and they are not particularly articulate, but yet they are famous.

Good for them.  If they can parlay squat into something huge, then bravo.  I wish them well and begrudge them nothing.  I just wish someone could explain to me why they are famous, why they are rich, and why we care.  It’s fascinating they so popular and wealthy, and crazy that Ryan Seacrest is the mastermind making millions for putting them on television.

When asked who she idolized, Kim named Elizabeth Taylor, Ava Gardner and Sophia Loren.  Don’t get it.  She names 3 gorgeous and talented women but did not comment on why, so one can assume that the list is based on beauty since Kim is not an actress.  She idolizes beautiful women, which is kind of sad but explains a little about what we are dealing with.

These girls are not educated or particularly smart, but they are brilliant at marketing themselves and becoming famous for absolutely no reason.  In the end what separates the people of Jersey Shore from the Kardashians?  Nothing.  They are all living the American dream which is nice and at the same time kind of gross.  God bless them for figuring out how to do it.

I watch them, find them entertaining, and am helping propel them to fame and fortune so I have nobody to blame but myself.  Go figure.  If nothing else I love them for keeping me entertained long enough to not have to think about Sarah Palin and her “WTF” speech.  Yes people, there is another Palin blog coming, so pour a drink, settle in, and keep the faith.