Oprah,Todd Palin, John Edwards, Steve Harvey, The Bachelor & Rudy Giuliani

My son called from school and asked if I was sitting down because he needed to tell me something.  My heart started racing, I felt sick to my stomach, and thought I might cry.  I started screaming, “Are you ok? What’s happening?  Hang up and call the police.  Do it now!!!!!”  He then told me Oprah Winfrey was his sister.  How did the story reach school?

Monday’s Oprah show had me crying from start to finish.  It was an amazing story and had I heard it anywhere else, from anyone other than Oprah, I would not have believed it.  That her sister who passed away was named Patricia, and then the long lost sister was independently called Patricia, freaked me out.  I loved this show, loved Patricia, and loved Oprah.

Oprah has done many of these shows with other people, so for it to be about her was fascinating, and she handled herself beautifully.  She’s always been great with families in crisis.  I wonder if she is trying to get an interview with Todd Palin in light of the possible scandal surrounding him.  He may have cheated on his wife, with a woman who runs a whorehouse.

What is it with cheating?  I have been cheated on and it’s brutal.  It is an ego crushing heartache that is near impossible to overcome.  As women, there is a moment when you are with a man, naked, and he looks at you as if you are the only woman on the planet.  Whether it’s true or not, you feel a love that is found deep at the core of who you are.

Even if you are a whore, I imagine there is a moment, when you are with a man, and he looks at you, where it could be a feeling that for a second, he loves you too.  Imagine how a wife feels, when you look at a whore the same way you look at her.  It’s painful.  If it’s true, Todd Palin slept with a whore, which is horrible.  Still, he’s a better man that John Edwards ever was.

Sleeping with a whore is about sex.  Having a relationship with the whore, like John Edwards did with Rielle Hunter, is a different kind of douchelord.  John Edwards is a low life.  That he screwed his wife over, by screwing a whore, is unforgiveable.  His wife was dying, he knew she was dying, and still he decided that his whore was more important than Elizabeth’s dignity.

Why are these men so stupid and hurtful?  Steve Harvey is another perfect example of a man you think is great, but turns out to be a putz.  Harvey’s ex-wife of 15 years, posted 3 videos on YouTube this past weekend, telling everyone about their marriage, saying Harvey allegedly had affairs during most of their marriage, then divorced her and married his mistress.

Steve Harvey, meet John Edwards.  Maybe you are long lost brothers.  You should announce it on Oprah!  We will never know the real stories behind these marriages, but what we do know for sure, is that until men start respecting the mothers of their children, there is no hope for them.  Karma is a bitch gentlemen, and so are the whores you are sleeping with.

Speaking of whores, it is impossible to write about The Bachelor and not be mean.  There is a fine line between poking fun, and flat out being mean.  In my attempts to write about the show this week, the line was blurred, and it was more mean that mocking, so I bailed on the blog.  I will simply say: I’m watching, I’m loving it, and I will try again next week to write about it but not be mean.

Brad is still the most boring of Bachelors, but he is super sweet and watching him begs the question, are all men pigs in the end? I watched Rudy Giuliani on Piers Morgan tonight.  I think Rudy is a hero and a good guy.  I then remembered that he cheated on his wife, and is now married to the woman he cheated with.  Even the heroes have a touch of schmuck.

It’s not just men who are pigs.  I get that it’s a two way street and women are pigs too, but there are a lot of male pigs to talk about today.  Love is tricky, hearts are sensitive, and having a man’s child should mean something.  At the end of the day, even whores are just girls, trying to find love.  It will never make sense, so all we can do is hope for the best, and keep the faith.