Sarah Palin needs to hire a Jew and Jesus Rules in Alabama

Sarah Palin finally came out and spoke beyond a message on Facebook.  I’m not sure if it’s a case of better late than never, or too little too late, but she did it, and she needed to, so good for her.  Sarah told FOX News that “Blood libel obviously means being falsely accused of having blood on your hands, and in this case that’s exactly what was going on.”

I think, and again, it’s only my opinion, she should not have used the term blood libel in her remarks.  I won’t change my mind.  I now believe that she meant no harm.  I think it was said out of ignorance, which is sad.  Mrs. Palin did not educate herself on the words, but I feel that the person who wrote the words for her, was being disrespectful, and knew it.

In a previous posting I wrote that Mrs. Palin needed to shut up.  It was harsh, and some people were offended, but I’m not taking it back.  It’s what I felt when I wrote it and we don’t get do overs once we put things out into the universe.  I was annoyed that she waited so long to speak and when she did, what she said was stupid and offensive to Jews.

I think what Sarah Palin needs is a Jew in her camp.  An educated, and historically aware Jew.  One that knows about not only biblical history, but also the history of the United States of America.  Who is helping her put together her speeches?  Whoever that person is, needs to find a new job because they truly suck at this one.  Her speechwriter is an idiot.

Love her or hate her, Sarah Palin is not going to stop talking and she is not going to go away.  How great would it be if while she was here, she spoke in a way that did not offend, or make her look ridiculous?  Her ideas for the country will still be scary, and not good for America, but if she could speak without offending or making us laugh at her, it would be helpful.

Going back to last year when I met Mrs. Palin, I will again say that I liked her.  She was funny and sweet and we talked about kids, shoes, handbags and dating.  She was charming and I felt like I was hanging out with a girlfriend.  I could understand her appeal.  If you separate her politics, then I imagine event those who hate her politically, might like her personally.

I’m never going to agree with her politically, or think her hunting is cool, or believe bashing a fish on the head is okay with God, but I would go shopping with her, borrow her boots, and have her over for dinner so we could talk about what it’s like to raise teenagers in a time where there are so many opportunities and landmines for young people.

I do not believe Mrs. Palin will ever be President of the United States.  If I’m wrong and she manages to be elected, I will wish the country well and move to Canada.  I do think that if she is seriously considering it, she needs to surround herself with people who are smarter than who she has now.  If she wants us to take her seriously, she needs to get serious.

I’m of the belief that Mrs. Palin speaking on FOX News is too little too late.  She has not apologized for anything, and I think that is a mistake.  I do not take her politics seriously, but I take my fear of her very seriously.  All that said, I would still have her over to my home for dinner.  I’m sure it makes no sense to anyone and that’s okay.  It’s about being decent.

Mrs. Palin needs to start talking to people who have the best interest of America in mind.  People either love her or hate her and those people cannot help her.  There are many who care more about the state of this country than we do about hating her, or loving her, and if she consulted with those people, it would be good for her and for America.

Just when I think Sarah Palin is the scariest part of American politics, along comes Robert Bentley, the Governor of Alabama.  At his swearing in on Monday, Bentley said to the gathered crowd that if you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, you are not his brother or sister.  Really?  If you live in Alabama, and are not a Christian, you’re screwed.

He went on to say, “Now I will have to say that, if we don’t have the same daddy, we’re not brothers and sisters. So anybody here today who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, I’m telling you, you’re not my brother and you’re not my sister, and I want to be your brother.”  It’s official, Sarah Palin is not the scariest or dumbest politician in America.

Robert Bentley is 67 and a retired dermatologist.  He is a Sunday school teacher and deacon at Tuscaloosa’s First Baptist Church.  He said he was the “Governor of all of Alabama — Democrat, Republican and independent, young and old, black and white, rich and poor.”  If you don’t have Jesus in your heart however, he is apparently not your Governor.

There are about 10,000 Jews living in Alabama who now have no Governor.  If any of those 10,000 Jews are politically minded, aware of the history of Jews and America, and looking for work, Sarah Palin might be hiring.  Get your resumes together and pack for Alaska.  People are funny.  By funny of course I mean scary.  All we can do is pray and focus on keeping the faith.