Taking Risks, Prince Charming, Living Life, Beating Cancer & Shabbat Shalom

I had a date last night with a man I chased down in his truck.  After a horrible date, I decided to take charge, be spontaneous, and allow myself, for just a moment, to lose my mind.  I followed a man and invited him out for dinner, based entirely on how he looked.

You can read about how I met this man here: CHASING TRUCKS I’m not sure what processed me to take the risk, but I did.  I met “Matt” for dinner and let me just say, if you ever thought that Prince Charming did not exist, you have not met Matt.  This man is special.

He is 37 years old, was raised by a single mother, has an unwavering faith in God, and he made my cynical but hopeful heart flutter.  I can’t explain exactly what it was about Matt that left such an impression, but I can tell you that I fell in love with this man last night.

Let’s begin with what inspired me to take a risk in the first place, he is gorgeous.  He has beautiful blue eyes, perfect teeth, and a full head of dark hair.  He has a small scar over his right eyebrow, and one dimple.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but seriously people, this guy is delicious.

I feel like a little piece of who I am as a human being was missing, and this man filled it.  The miracle in that statement is that I did not know it was missing until I met him.  I know it sounds crazy.  How could I feel so connected to someone I don’t know? The only explanation is God.

Matt and I had a 3 hour dinner and we talked about anything and everything.  When we finished with dinner we went over to his mother’s home and joined her for a late night cup of tea.  She is a terrific woman and I see me and my son reflected in the relationship she has with Matt.

I can’t properly articulate what this date meant to me.  To Matt, I know you are reading and I want you to know that we have just begun.  I think I have loved you for my entire life.  You are a true Prince Charming and thinking of you now fills my heart with warmth and comfort.

I feel blessed to have met you.  In one evening you have reminded me what a blessing life is and if risks are taken, rewards are given.  You are an angel.  I am keeping you close and I look forward to seeing you again.  You are remarkable and are going to be in my life forever.

This remarkable man, my new and darling friend Matt, is starting cancer treatment next week.  For all the reasons I am confident God sent Matt my way, I am certain he sent me Matt’s way.  I will be holding his hand and planning what we will do when he is well.

It’s been a long week.  I hit the wall in terms of politics, was attacked and praised for my blogs, missed my mother in a way that aches, faced my demons with the help of a stranger, and a stranger turned out to be a friend.  While exhausting, it was a week of blessings.

My thoughts and prayers are with those healing in Arizona. To my mother, I love you.  To Matt, thank you for appearing.  I wish you all a Shabbat Shalom. To my son, I am blessed to be your mom.  You are perfection and together we will always be able to keep the faith.