An African American President & Jewish Miss America – Heads Will Explode!

There are people in America who almost died when an African American President was elected.  Can you imagine what will happen to those people if on January 15th, there is also a Jewish Miss America?  I think there will be a series of heads spontaneously exploding around the country.

In the 89 years that there has been a Miss America, there has been one Jewish winner and that was back in 1945 when Bess Myerson won.  Jews have another shot this weekend when Loren Galler Rabinowitz, the reigning Miss Massachusetts, is competing for the crown in Las Vegas.

Loren is an impressive girl.  She is 24 and a Harvard graduate.  Both of her parents are doctors and her grandparents are survivors of the Holocaust.  If I were a young Jewish guy, looking to marry a girl with good genes, this chick would be the Holy Grail.  If my kid were a little older I’d arrange a shidekh.

She is a National Champion ice dancer and super cute.  She has great teeth, a darling figure, and long brown hair.  She is an accomplished pianist, a gifted writer and stands tall at 5’ 2.5”.  She is a little peanut and I love her.  I am proud of her and I really, really want her to win.

With Jewish women increasingly stereotyped as pushy, obnoxious and crass, this girl is an angel.  I want my son to date her, and I want all my dreams to come true through her.  When she won her state title she said seeing the pride of her parents was better than getting the crown.

Mazel Tov to her parents and to her grandparents for raising this remarkable young woman.  She is the only Jew in the pageant, and while she certainly shouldn’t have the pressure of an entire people on her shoulders, I want her to pull one out for the Jews and make heads explode.

Loren said in an interview, “Imagine having lost everything — your family, your belongings, your sense of identity — coming here, wholeheartedly embracing this country and having three girls who earned graduate degrees in law, business and medicine, respectively, and a grandchild representing the state, and maybe even a nation. It’s so exciting.”

How cute is this girl speaking of her Holocaust surviving grandparents?  How great is it that there are groups of anti Semitic, racist schmucks sitting around, spewing to anyone who will listen, that the country is going to hell in a hand basket because of the horrible Jewish girl and the black man in White House.  I happen to love that part.

I see anti-Semitic crap all the time and I think it would be a great big flipped finger to dumbasses who think of Jews a certain way.  Loren is special, and she should win not because she is Jewish, but because she is a perfect example of what a young lady in America should be.

One could argue that she is a child of privilege and she does not need the 50k grand prize that Miss America offers.  To that I say whatever.  She deserves it as much as anyone else, and she should not be penalized just because she grew up in a good home with good people.

I look forward to seeing the cute Jewish girl taking the crown.  It’s about time there was a Jewish chick girls wanted to be, and men want to be with.  I hope she wins, I hope heads explode, and I hope my son meets a girl like Loren one day.  Until then, good luck Loren, I’m keeping the faith.

*Miss America airs on Saturday, January 15th at 9:00 EST on ABC

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