Horrible Vision, Men Making Passes & My Kid Gets Glasses

I have been wearing glasses for as long as I can remember.  I have horrible vision and always have.  I think I got my first glasses at age 5.  They had rhinestones and I thought they were the most beautiful glasses ever.  I’ve worn them for so long that I rarely put in my contacts anymore.

I think I look sexy with my glasses, and that it takes a bold and secure chick to rock spectacles.  When I was 21, I was at a bar in Toronto called Hannibals.  It was our hangout and I remember one night I wore my glasses and one of the bouncers told me they were hot.

I always remember that guy and have never been self conscious of my glasses because of it.  I tend to take them off for pictures, not because I don’t like them, but because the glare can be weird.  When I met Sarah Palin she told me that I was rocking my glasses, which I thought was cool.

I dig men in glasses too.  That does not mean I would not rather have 20/20 vision though.  I truly do have bad eyes and have had both of my corneas transplanted.  I have keratoconus, which is what eventually required me to have the transplants, and why I am an organ donor myself.

My dream is to one day wake up and be able to see without glasses.  There are new treatments for keratoconus so you never know, it could happen.  My other dream has been that my son has his dad’s eye health and not mine. I have prayed on more than one occasion that he wouldn’t need glasses.

That dream shattered yesterday when my son got his first pair of spectacles.  He has been getting headaches at school so I took him in for his first complete eye exam, and it turns out he has mild astigmatism, which is straining his eye and probably causing the headaches.

We spent over an hour trying on frames and he finally settled on a really beautiful pair of stylish glasses.  He looks very handsome in his new glasses and was not self-conscious at all about having to wear them.  I am so proud of this kid and how he handles himself.  He’s my hero.

He looks older with the glasses, and they are a reminder that my little boy is growing up and becoming a person beyond my baby.  I was so sad that he needed glasses at all, but it quickly turned to relief that he will see clearly.  For the continued blessing of sight, I am keeping the faith.