Paula Abdul is Back on TV & Fabulous, But Live To Dance is Horrible

Is there a law that says competition shows in America need to be hosted by people with foreign accents?  Enough with the foreigners hosting our shows.  We don’t know who you are, and we don’t care.  With each useless Englishman that lands a show I find myself loving Ryan Seacrest more.

The show is called Live to DANCE, not Live to Dawnce.  I love you Ryan Seacrest. By love you of course I mean that I still think you are annoying, and a little odd, but you have a nice voice and no accent, which I think is a great thing.  One more accent and I will scream.

Paula came back to television last night and she looked beautiful.  She is the same as she was on American Idol, which is awesome, and you know there will be a drug-induced episode in our future, which is almost enough to keep watching this painfully awful show.  Almost.

Mix American Idol and X Factor, then ruin it, and you’ve got this show.  It sucks.  The host is useless, judges are irritating, and the only good thing is Paula Abdul.  She totally needs her own show, but sadly I don’t think this is it.  She should be a judge on X Factor with Simon Cowell.

That would have been perfection.  This is just sad.  It is a rip off of better shows, weird, and never gets on track.  The other judges are not entertaining and have nothing interesting to say.  There is no spark here and so while I wanted to support Paula, I’m not watching beyond this week.

When she is outrageous, it will be easier to watch endlessly on YouTube, rather than waste an hour of my valuable reality television time on this crap.  I love you Paula.  You look fabulous and are as entertaining as ever.  This show is awful but you’ll find a new show, just keep the faith.