Does Anyone Really Need Constant Updates on Lindsay Lohan?

There are stories every single day about Lindsay Lohan.  Most days there are more than one.  By more than one of course I mean millions. Who cares?  Why does this little girl garner so much attention?  She didn’t go to rehab because she wanted to get well, but because she was forced to by a judge.

There is nothing to be proud of here.  You can only get sober when you do it for yourself, and I imagine that she will be drunk or high sooner rather than later.  If I had her parents trust me, I’d be having a drink too.  Daily.  This chick is a mess and while it’s not her fault, she is the only one responsible.

If your family is crazy, stay away from them.  If you are a millionaire, it’s not that hard.  She is old enough to know the difference between right and wrong, and what is good for her or not. One can only assume that we are dealing with a girl who is clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed.

I remember seeing Lohan in Parent Trap and thinking she was adorable.  I saw Mean Girls on television and watched it on and off while my kid had it on.  It was good, but she was not the best thing about that movie.  Why is this chick in the news all the time? Why does anyone care?

I suppose the train wreck factor is interesting.  People are either pulling for her, or waiting to watch her crash and burn.  She has not done anything so spectacular in her career that one prays she will be okay and return to her former glory.  She is just a girl, who was an actor, and is now an addict.

I am tired of waking up and having my home page covered in stories about Lohan.  She’s in rehab, she got out, she’s in, she’s out.  Blah, blah, blah.  When she has been sober for a year, and makes a movie that is not lame, then let’s talk about her.  Right now let’s leave her alone.  It’s boring.

Her parents are whack jobs and they use her for fame and money, which is disgusting, but not unheard of.  There are lots of kids who came to Hollywood and got screwed by their parents, and Lohan won’t be the last.  She is a joke, and the constant attention on her and her family is pathetic.

Dear Lindsay, we don’t really care that much.  Get yourself together and we will give you another chance, but until then disappear.  Do yourself a favor and walk away from everything and everyone that has put you in this position.  It’s not brain surgery sweetie, stay away from bad people.

I’ve decided to not read any of the countless things that are floating around about you.  I don’t care.  I will read an article when it’s about your year of sobriety, or your Oscar nomination, or your obituary.  I wish you well, hope you grow up, ignore your parents, and keep the faith.