The Bachelor’s Back, Bertinelli & Twain Marry After 40 & Love is Found Online

Tonight marks the return of The Bachelor and the 2nd chance for Bachelor Brad Womack.  I thought this guy was an idiot last time he was on the show so I can only imagine how he will be this go round.  He talks too slow and comes across as a bit of a dimwit.  By dimwit of course I mean putz.

I was not sure I would watch, but who am I kidding?  I am totally watching and totally going to speak my mind.  The gloves are off and just because I love this show, have a crush on Mike Fleiss, and know people who work there, I am not going to hesitate to tell it like I see it, and I cannot wait.

My view of love is not based on idiots like Brad Womack and the young women who are more interested in being famous than loving happily ever after.  The Bachelor is entertainment, not real life.  Not since Trista and Ryan has it been real.  I believe in love because of people like “Elaine”.

Last year I wrote a blog about my friend “Elaine” and her boyfriend “Jerry”.  They met online and were beginning a wonderful relationship.  You can read that entry by clicking here.  Elaine & Jerry This wonderful couple got married yesterday.  Elaine looked gorgeous and happy and Jerry described the day as “Perfect”.  It has started my year off with hope and joy.

Three older ladies got married this weekend.  Valerie Bertinelli, she is in her 50’s.  Elaine is also in her 50’s, and Shania Twain is in her 40’s.  It’s going to be the year of love for those of us who are old enough appreciate it and are willing to work for it.  This is our time.  I can feel it.

It’s a new year and I am excited.  I have made only one resolution and that is to be more connected to my faith, and live a more Jewish life.  That’s it.  Any other resolution would undoubtedly be broken and I refuse to set myself up for disappointment when we are only a couple of days in.

I know that I will find love this year.  This is going to be my time.  I am not going to settle for anything less than what I deserve, and I am going to meet a wonderful man who is secure and fabulous, and we will be happy together.  While it will 100% not be on JDate, I may just meet this man online.

Whatever you are searching for, it can be found.  I believe that faith can bring great things and when it takes a little too long to get it, faith can comfort us and allow us to be patient.  I have wonderful friends, a wonderful family, a great job, and a child that proves perfection exists.

This is going to be the year that I also have love.  I believe it and so it shall be.  Thank you for reading and being a part of my life through this blog.  We are beginning this New Year together and I invite you to not only read, but to write me with your thoughts and opinions.  I’m learning from you and those lessons allow me to keep the faith.