A Trojan Vibrator Wedding Gift and Italian Designed Kitty Litter Boxes

I crawled into bed last night around 11:00.  I turned on the television and there was a commercial for a vibrator, and the story line was that there was a wedding shower and the bride to be gets a few of these vibrators as gifts.  I watched in fascination and once over the shock, could not stop laughing.

At the end of the commercial the bride to be is with her soon to be husband and she tells him they got 3 vibrators at her shower and his response is as if he just threw the winning pass at the Super Bowl.  It was the most ridiculous and funny commercial I’ve seen in a long time.

If you’re getting married, what does it say about you that your friends are giving you a vibrator over china?  What does it say about your fiancé that he is excited about you getting a gift that might do it’s job better than he can?  What happened to lingerie as a shower gift?

Vibrators are a good thing.  That’s all I will say about that.  I believe that when I get married, I’d rather have some towels and a bread maker over my friends getting me a sexual aid.  That said, it would be a perfect “Sorry You’re Not Getting Married” gift and I’m not getting married.

Enough about that.  This morning I went to get a new kitty litter box for the cats.  They are currently using this weird round thing that looks like a UFO.  It has stairs leading into it, which is to catch the litter and avoid a mess.  That’s not really happening so it’s going to have to go.

I walk into Petco and there is an “Italian Deigned” litter box on sale for $30.00.  It looks just like a regular litter box.  I took it down, checked it out, and tried to see what it was exactly that makes this box worth $30.00, and what it was modeled after to inspire them selling it as Italian.

Do cats care that a litter box is an Italian design?  When they poop, do they sit and think, “Wow.  I am a fancy cat to be pooping in Los Angeles, while having the feeling of being in Rome.”  Really?  Are they kidding me that they think we’re buying in to this crap?  Pardon the pun.

It’s a plastic box where animals poop.  Just because someone with an Italian sounding name said it made them think of the canals of Venice, does not make it an Italian litter box.  If I ever spend $30 on an Italian anything for my cats, you have my permission to put me away.

To my beloved cats, enjoy your new American made plastic pooping box.  To women who are getting married, register for dishes and don’t worry about the vibrators for now.  Life it funny and people are strange.  Thanks for the laughs everyone and remember to keep the faith.