The Benefits of Insomnia and a Daily View of Chocolate and Coffee

I have not been sleeping.  No big deal because I’m not a great sleeper, but the last couple of days have been rough.  The first night I did not sleep, I simply wondered around my home, watched television, did some ironing and worked on some paperwork.  While productive, totally boring.

I decided on night two, if I once again could not sleep, I was going to do something great.  I bought paint, brushes, tape and a tarp and I had it all ready to go should insomnia show it’s ugly face.  Last night I painted my bathroom and bedroom and can I just say, it looks fabulous.

I swapped rooms with my son and so I am now in his old bedroom, which was an industrial steel blue color.  It’s a beautiful shade, if you are a teenage boy.  My room and bathroom now match and are a combination of milk chocolate brown and the color of a gorgeous cup of café au lait.

The brown is warm and sexy and I love it in my room.  It feels safe and pretty and I have never been so happy to have had a bout of insomnia.  It was a small change but it has reinvented my space and I am very pleased with it.  It is so fabulous in fact, it might actually inspire sleep.

It was raining in Los Angeles today.  I was off of work and I enjoyed a day of nothing, which I never do.  I met a friend for coffee, went shopping, relaxed at home, and am going to grab some sushi for dinner with a friend.  I also heard from Howard today, which was lovely.

It was a sleepless but productive night, and a relaxing and slow moving day.  Back to work tomorrow, my delicious boy comes back from the snow on Friday, and the New Year will be bright.  I’m compiling my list of resolutions and shall post them on Friday so you can join me on my path.

I feel blessed and am working hard to learn from my mistakes and be a better person.  Life is a challenge and each day brings a lesson.  I hope to be smart enough to learn.  I also hope my new room colors will not make me wake up craving coffee and chocolate.  For all of it, I am keeping the faith.