Prayers Answered: Skating With The Stars is Over and Bethenny Lost!

What a glorious night!  Skating With The Stars is finally over, and miracle of miracles, Bethenny did not win.  I predicted last night that she would take the crown, but alas the reality gods listened to my prayers and she came in second place.  By second place of course I mean she is a loser.

The night started out with a performance by Johnny Weir who I totally love.  It was annoying though because ABC decided that they would not do a close up of the only person worth watching on this train wreck.  He looked beautiful but they did not show him up close and did not even show his bow.

I expected more from ABC.  Don’t cast a flamboyant personality to judge your show, then not allow him to showcase him flamboyance.  It was gross and shame on you ABC for being so ignorant.  Johnny’s skating was fabulous, his body is perfection, and he should be on Dancing With The Stars.

They do a recap of each contestant as they are voted off.  The most disturbing in Brandon, the “Disney kid”, who is not a kid, and who I had no idea was on Disney.  He did not skate because he is still sick.  He looks bad.  There is clearly something wrong, but they won’t tell us what.

Jonny Moseley is back to skate after his shocking elimination.  After his performance however, it’s not so shocking.  His partner trips, he falls, drops her, and then they stumble together.  It was sad, yet quite entertaining, Moseley laughed along with us and with that he was done.

They do a package with the judges talking about what is needed to win.  I fast forward through it.  I cannot stand the sound of Gibson’s voice, yet she likes it as mush as I hate it.  Shut up lady.  We don’t care what you say and started fast-forwarding your speeches week one.

They ask Bethenny if she is surprised to be in the finals.  She says no, then goes on about believing in yourself or some other idiotic thing.  She is a broken record.  We don’t have records anymore, so maybe one day we won’t have to listen to Bethenny anymore either.

She wants to win more than ever and reminds Rebecca, again, that she left her husband and baby at home.  By home of course she means backstage, or perhaps a fancy shmancy hotel in Beverly Hills.  Best moment: as the judges are praising her, she pulls a hair out of her mouth.  Classy.

Rebecca wins and says she owes it all to her partner.  They talk to Bethenny and she immediately starts whining about how she took on too much. Dear Lord, shut up Bethenny.  She is just too much.  She can’t just go quietly and let the moment be about Rebecca.

The funniest part is when the host, whose name I never remember, says he will see us next time.  Really?  If he thinks there is a chance in hell this show will be back, or he will get another hosting gig in America, he has lost his mind and as he faces deportation, should keep the faith