Is Bethenny Frankel a Bigger Reality TV Superstar than The Situation?

I have been watching Skating With The Stars even though it the worst television show ever.  I am fascinated it is on at all, but I’m in it until the end so rather than suffer in silence, I blog about it and make you all suffer with me.  In watching it this week I noticed that Bethenny Frankel is introduced as a “reality television superstar”.  Really?

Just because you will attend the opening of an envelope if it gets you on television, does not make you a superstar.  Bethenny Frankel has done nothing impressive.  Reports says she earned 4 million dollars last year which is nice, but when you compare it to Jersey Shore’s The Situation, who raked in 10 million, she is not a superstar at all.

The Sitch is clearly the master of making a living with no obvious talent.  Mike Sorrentino was on Dancing With The Stars, the number one show on television, not Skating With The Stars, which is a slow train ride through hell.  The money they spent putting SWTS on the air could have fed a lot of starving people over the holidays.  Morons.

Bethenny looks like a plastic mess on SWTS.  Her hair is horrible and her make-up is brutal.  She does her package interviews without being done up because she thinks it makes her “real”, but it doesn’t.  She trashes the judges and says she is skating for America not them.  News flash, the judges like Bethenny more than America, and they don’t even like her that much.

To be clear, I love the Real Housewives franchise on Bravo.  It’s a fun show to watch because it’s mindless fluff, and can take the edge off of a long day.  If you’ve not watched, trust, get a glass of wine, relax on the couch, and settle in for an hour of entertainment.  It is a guaranteed laugh, regardless of the featured city, especially if one of them is going to sing.

Jersey Shore was also a fun watch.  The Situation is much older than the others, yet he runs around pretending to be young, sleeping with anyone who will have him, and making out with everyone else, including a tranny in Miami.  He is a pig, and has no respect for women, but at the end of the day, he is a reality television superstar.  His bank account proves it.

The Situation also does not seem to be working that hard.  Opportunities find him and he cashes in.  Bethenny on the other hand, is killing herself to keep herself out there.  She is now embarking on a speaking tour, where in some cities she is charging $300 to listen to her spew about how hard her life was, how tired she is,  and how great being skinny is. 

To all the housewives who are thinking they are friends with Bethenny in some parallel reality television universe, you should take your $300 and donate it to your local food bank.  To Bethenny, who has the balls to charge hard working people $300 to hear her speak, when she says the same things for free, everywhere, shame on you.

Bethenny is not the best thing to come out of the Real Housewives.  She is the loudest, most annoying, and one of the top ten least talented.  She has the same body at 40 that she had as a kid, yet we are supposed to buy into her diet and exercise bull.  She wines about her horrific childhood, but many who know her call her stories into question and challenge her credibility.

There was a window of opportunity when Bethenny could have been the best television personality to be discovered at Bravo, but instead she became self-obsessed, whiny, mean spirited, and selfish.  She was the one we waited to see, and now she is the one we wish would go away.  The most fascinating thing about Bethenny Frankel is her diehard fan base.

There is a group, a small group, of women, who love her.  They attack anyone who says anything bad about their beloved Bethenny.  I often wonder who these women are.  They write me a lot, and comment on my blog.  They tell me I’m going to hell for my hateful words about the angel that is Bethenny.  They are a scary group of ladies but I worry about their wellbeing,

We all have celebrity crushes.  Mine happens to be George Clooney.  For some, it’s Bethenny Frankel.  I’m not saying one is better than the other. I am saying however that there is a difference between watching reality television and getting a kick out of it, and watching it and pretending that the people you watch are a) real, and b) your secret television best friends.

Bethenny Frankel is milking the last $15 out of her 15 minutes, and good for her.  Maybe one day, if she works really, really hard, she can be as successful as Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.  Now that is something to strive for!  As for me, I stand by my blog, stand by my opinion, and will wait for her run to end, by watching reality television while I keep the faith.