Hike – Brunch – Sex – Teens – Allergies – ER – Doctors – Fear – Sleep – Faith

I had a very interesting weekend.  It was full of ups and downs and I’m ending my weekend exhausted and in desperate need of a weekend.  I had a great Saturday, followed by a heartbreaking Sunday that tested my faith.

Saturday morning started as it always does with a hike up Runyon Canyon here in Los Angeles.  I hike with the same group of people each week and I have come to love each of them since joining their group a year ago.

We go out for brunch after our hikes, but this week we all got together at the home of one of our group for a special brunch to mark the holidays and our friendship, as some of the group will be away for the holidays.

It was fabulous.  A chef came and cooked a brilliant meal for us.  We ate, drank, laughed and got caught up on everyone’s plans for the holidays.  It was extra special because this weekend my son decided to join us.  Our group is half married couples, and half single people.  We were talking about dating and kids when I said I never introduced men I was dating to my son.  The conversation made it’s way from dating to sex.

It is fascinating to hear the opinions and thoughts of a teen on sex.  I was not surprised to hear my son talk about sex, nor was it shocking that he had an opinion.  It was telling however to hear his take on what sex was and meant.  I am proud of him for being so open to share.  I was also proud of his choices.  My child respects women.  He will need a few more lessons along the way, but he is doing well.  He is a mensch who also respects himself.

I loved our brunch.  I love that my son was a part of it, and I love my friends.  They are great people and I am honored to be a part of our hiking group.  I must love them to drag my ass up that mountain each week!  Later that day I went to a show at my child’s school and it was phenomenal.  We went home Saturday night and all was well.  Nothing is better than a night out with my son, ending up with our both home safe and sound.

Sunday morning we woke up and went out for coffee and a bagel.  It was a glorious day here in Los Angeles and we sat outside to have a lovely breakfast.  We then went home to take care of some chores and it was nice.  Around 12:30 my son went out with a friend to grab some lunch and see a movie.  I spent the afternoon at home writing.  At 2:30 I got a call from my son telling me that he had a sneezing fit and was now not feeling well.

He asked if I could pick him up and take him to the doctor.  I told him I was on my way.  By the time I got my shoes on and grabbed my keys, he had called again to say that he needed to go to the hospital right away.  I called my girlfriend in a panic, and by the time I got to my son she was already there.  She stayed with his friend until her dad could pick her up and I raced my son to the ER.  He was having a severe allergic reaction.

We walked in the hospital, they rushed him back, and immediately gave him an epinephrine injection. They hooked him up to an IV, gave him a couple of shots, and started him on a breathing treatment.  It was an out of body experience.  My son was calm and articulate with the doctor.  He was able to explain what was happening and I stood by in awe of this remarkable child.  I was so very proud of how he handled himself.

I was fine on the outside and dying inside.  I have never been so scared.  I love this child beyond description and watching him in the hospital was very hard.  The fear that took over my body was consuming.  I don’t live my life in fear.  It has been hard over the past few hours however, to not be overcome with fear.  My son is fine.  He is home and resting, and I am trying to not let the fear of yesterday rule me but it’s hard.

I did not sleep last night.  Not for one minute.  I snuggled up to my son in his room and watched him all night.  I listened to his breathing, held his hand, and just enjoyed the quiet.  I relived every moment I’ve been with him.  My whole life is about this child.  Watching his dreams come true is my greatest joy, and all my own dreams are wrapped around him.  The last few hours have been scary and caused me to lean on my faith.

I prayed for this little boy before he was even born.  I wanted to be a mother since I was a little girl and watching him in pain or discomfort is felt deep in my core.  I love this child more than anything else is the world. To every parent who has lost a child, or has a child that is sick, I send you my support.  I am blessed to have a healthy child and this was simply a temporary bump in the road and I thank God I am a mother to this child.

My son is now the proud owner of an epi pen.  He thinks it’s all very James Bond.  I think, deep down, he is scared and putting on a brave face.  He will be fine.  The swelling will go down and this will be something we talk about for years.  Thank you to the doctors and nurses at my local hospital for taking such great care of my child.  To my delicious boy, I’m glad you are feeling better.  You are the single greatest thing in my life and I love you.

Sidebar:  To the gorgeous Doctor Oren who was calm and supportive during my nervous breakdown, you are wonderful.  To the two male nurses who were attentive, compassionate and painfully attractive, you get an A+ for your bedside manners and an A++ for the blue eyes and sparkly white teeth.  My new crush is male nurses.  Seriously.  Fabulous.  Seriously.

I am fortunate that I never leave anything unsaid with my friends and my family.  Everyone knows exactly how I feel, and my love is out there for everyone to see.  I would suggest to those reading that you do the same.  Life is a blessing.  Thank God my son is fine.  Thank you to my dear friend for getting there so quickly.  Thank you to my son for being brave, being okay, and for being the very reason I keep the faith.