Scarier than Wikileaks: The return of Fran Drescher

Prepare to hear the laugh. You know the one.

TV Guide is reporting today that TV Land, an online source for streaming content, has ordered a pilot called “Happily Divorced” based on Fran Drescher’s life:

Using the off-screen experiences of The Nanny star, Happily Divorced follows a woman’s dating struggles after she finds out that her husband is gay. The show looks at how the main character balances her relationship with her boyfriend and ex-husband.

Fran Drescher books daytime “tawk” show

Drescher, 53, wrote the pilot and will produce with her ex-husband, The Nanny executive producer Peter Marc Jacobsen. The couple divorced in 1999 after 21 years of marriage. Jacobsen later revealed he was gay.

Drescher and Jacobsen are also collaborating on her new daytime show, The Fran Drescher Tawk Show, which premiered Friday.

Yep, tawk amongst yourselves.