Jennifer Grey Beats Bristol at Dancing With the Stars & 2012 Looks Bright

Why do we care so much about a dancing show?  It’s really quite incredible that so many of us not only watched, but had an opinion, whether we voted or not. What’s even more fascinating, is that nobody in Christina Aguilera’s inner circle explains to her that her hair color is truly horrible.

The final three were Jennifer Grey, Kyle Massey and Bristol Palin.  Good for them that they got to the end.  Kyle is charming and cute as hell. Bristol is a Palin so everyone has an opinion.  Dancing aside, you either love her or hate her.  Jennifer is dancing perfection, but a bit of a crybaby.

David Hasselhoff came back and did a funny little skit that luckily was more comedy than dancing.  Rick Fox and Kurt Warner did a sports themed skit and dance that was cute.  Margaret Cho and Florence Henderson showed us why they were voted off.

The Situation came back and it once again became quite clear that he has no talent, is not that cute, has crazy pigeon feet, and is a reason people believe in the American dream.  If this guy can make a living on television then just about anything in the world is possible.

I was not surprised by the top three for this season.  Jennifer is a very talented dancer and also an icon because of her role in Dirty Dancing.  Kyle is so charming that there was no way his personality alone was not going to take him to the finals.  Then of course we have Bristol Palin.

She was not the best dancer but come on, we all knew she was going to be in the finals.  The people around the country who love her mother put her there, and at the end of the day it’s the people who don’t like her mother who kept her from winning.  I feel kind of bad for her.

The more attention that is focused on Sarah Palin, the more attention there will be on her children and the likelier it will be that they crack.  There have been a few slips but you have to congratulate Bristol.  She is surrounded by both intense love and hate and it must be hard.

Bristol was never going to win, and in terms of the credibility of the show, she needed to lose.  This is a dancing competition, not a popularity contest.  There have been a few slips over the years but for this specific season, and from the very first day, it was Jennifer Grey’s show.

It makes me laugh that there are conspiracy theories about how the voting did not work and Bristol should have won.  There was no great big plan to make sure Bristol lost.  Bristol did a phenomenal job but she was simply not the best dancer.  It was not political so let’s move on.

Maybe the show should stay away from political contestants.  In fact, that should be a new rule.  No politicians.  That will be very important for the next season as Levi Johnson is pursuing a political career and the rule will keep him from ever being on this show.

The question becomes what exactly is a “star”?  Is Bristol Palin a star?  No.  She is famous.  She is just a girl with a famous mother, and she did a great job.  She is a mom, living under the shadow of a mom, and so good job, but good she did not win.

Jennifer Grey bugged me a couple of times during the season.  I did not dig her constant crying, or her talking about Patrick Swayze like they were best friends.  I get she was in Dirty Dancing and that’s why we know her, but she would have won even without the pandering.

It’s always great when Dancing With The Stars starts a new season, and even better when it ends because after 10 weeks, I’m burned out on all the hoopla.  It will all start up again and I’m sure they are frantically searching for a new cast and the anticipation of who they get is the best part.

We will have to fill our need for a competition celebrity show with Skating With The Stars, which is tragic.  For the next five weeks I shall watch the worse show to ever be made.  The good news is that between Sean Young and Bethenny Frankel, I will have plenty to blog about.

Congratulations to Jennifer Grey.  Well done to Bristol and bravo to Kyle.  It was a great season and if you want to believe those who say the voting was a crystal ball view into the election of 2012, we can take a sigh of relief, put on our dancing shoes, and keep the faith.