Dancing With The Stars Pandering & A Skating With The Stars Train Wreck

I will dedicate a full blog to DWTS after they crown a champion but I could not wait a full day to say that while Jennifer Grey is the most talented celebrity, last night her skating was not as impressive as her pandering.  Her dancing to a song from Dirty Dancing was a cheap ploy for votes.

We’ve all read stories of how her and Patrick Swayze were not friends and had not been close before, during or after Dirty Dancing, yet she talked about him like they were best friends.  He was beloved and she was a has been and she is using the love and memory of him to get votes.

I have been voting for her from the beginning because she worked hard, overcame injury, and was the most talented.  That she used the finals to milk the Dirty Dancing angle was a little gross and I lost respect for her.  More on DWTS tomorrow when wee see if politics trumps dancing.

Now, let’s chat for a minute about the new ABC show Skating With The Stars.  This might be the single most horrific hours of television and by might be of course I mean it is.  It is painful to watch and while I have absolutely no idea why, I stuck it out for the entire show.

The host is some English guy called Vernan Kay.  He is mortifying and I will never understand how it is that he got this guy got this show.  He ix not funny, not charming, not quick enough to be on live television and his teeth, and mouth for that matter, are freakishly big.

The judges are an interesting group.  Dick Button is a legend and it’s sad to see him here on this horrible show.  Johnny Weir is pure entertainment and he makes for good television but he stands out here in a way that begs to be mocked so I hope people leave him alone.

Laurieann Gibson is a superstar in her world but here she is trying to hard to be cool that she fizzles out quickly.  She is a wonderful choreographer but she does not translate well to television.  She’s tried before and whenever she makes it on a show, the show tanks. She’s a dud.

The commentator is horrible.  She has no charisma, is a horrible public speaker, does not being on live television and left no impression at all, other than the fact that she is in over her head.  I have no idea what her name was and no interest in looking it up as I will never need to know it.

The six professional skaters are people I have never heard of.  They are not household names and none of them appear to be destined for television stardom.  This show may actually make me sad.  By sad of course I mean want to through my skates at the television.  It’s painful.  Painful!

Some Disney kid skates first.  Never heard of him. I have now been watching for 27 minutes.  Just when I think I cannot watch it anymore, or ever again, we hit the jackpot.  Sean Young.  Oh.  My.  God. This chick is clearly medicated and I will watch for as long as she is there.

I actually feel sad for her that the people in her life thought this was a good choice for her.  They have put her out there to be ridiculed and trust me, she will be, some of it right here on my blog.  She is a train wreck and the only person who is happier than me to watch her is her pharmacist.

Jonny Moseley skates next.  He’s a Olympic skier and the most interesting thing about him is how his professional partner fawns over him.  It’s funny and cute.  Then Judge Johnny does a Lady Gaga number with a weird costume that is entertaining and boring at the same time.

Vince Neil is next.  Dear Lord what is happening.  How is this show on television?  Once you get over the initial desperate need to cut Neil’s hair, he is actually quite good and was the most entertaining contestant.  He is a lush and an addict and was bloated.  That said, I loved him.

Bethenny Frankel is next and I can’t help but wonder how Jill Zarin must be pissed Bethenny is skating here because Jill’s “thing” was skating and this has got to be killing her, which for some reason is entertaining.  Even away from the housewives, she screws Jill over.  Classic.

Bethenny does a great job and personality is perfectly suited to this show.  She is funny and cute.  I really liked her here and I was really not sure how it would play out.  It’s only a matter of time before she crosses the line and becomes obnoxious and offensive, but until then, loved her.

This show is crap and if we are going to be honest with each other, which we always are, I’m sadly hooked.  I will watch for six weeks.  It’s small commitment in the big picture and there is some potential for real entertainment.  Not what ABC has planned I’m sure, but still entertaining.

Sean Young will implode, Vince Neil will surprise and Bethenny will be the popular vote.  It’s a horrible hour of television.  I will undoubtedly lose brain cells by exposing myself to such crap, but at the end of the day watching Sean crash and burn will be worth it, so I’m keeping the faith.