Prince William to Marry Kate Middleton & We Again Mourn Princess Diana

I remember the day Princess Diana passed away very clearly.  My son was a baby and my mother was visiting from Canada.  We sat up for hours watching the news waiting to hear word that she would be okay.  It was unimaginable that she would not be fine.  It truly was a shocking day.

I had the honor of meeting Princess Diana when I was a young girl.  She came on an official visit to Halifax, where my family was living, and I remember standing tin the rain for a very long time to get a glimpse of her up close.  She walked by in two seconds but I treasure seeing her.

She was beautiful and I loved her.  I followed her life and felt her heartache as the fairytale ended.  She was a remarkable woman and I was devastated when she died.  I was a new mother, inspired by how much she loved her kids, and the harsh reality was that there are no guarantees.

The passing of Princess Diana really shaped who I was to become as a mother.  I did everything for my kid with the thought that if I were to suddenly pass away, he would know exactly how much I loved him.  My life with my son has been about building a history, not just living a life.

I am blessed to be a mother to this boy, and we live a life of no fear in terms of saying how we feel.  He knows how much I love him.  I hope to one day hug my great grandchildren, but if I don’t, he will be able to tell them of me in a way that will make me proud, and allow my memory to live forever.

It is sad that Diana is not here to watch her firstborn son get married.  She is watching and I’m sure, feels happy for her boy, and touched that he has given Kate her engagement ring.  To be honest, at first I thought it was a little creepy that William proposed with that ring.

I spoke with my son about it actually and told him I thought it was odd that she would have a ring that symbolized a marriage that was so unhappy.  My brilliant son said it was not about Diana’s marriage, but rather William’s mother.  He wanted Kate to have something of his mother’s.  I love this kid.

I don’t know if it was on purpose or not, but I think it was lovely Kate wore a blue dress to announce the engagement, just as Diana did.  It was a sweet thing, and my hopelessly romantic heart felt is was a gentle nod to Diana.  There will be other little nothings along the way that will be special.

Everything that Kate does and says will be compared to Diana and that is daunting.  It’s an incredible amount of pressure and I feel for her.  She will do fine though, and I hope the press with allow her a moment to breathe, although we know that will never happen.

I heard that Charles and Diana spent a total of 28 days together before they got engaged, compared to the years William and Kate have been together, including living together.  To compare the two couples is like comparing apples and oranges but you can’t help it.

I wish William and Kate a life of happiness and peace.  I know William loved his mother and she will be a part of wedding.  I will watch their wedding and I will cry, just as I did when Diana and Charles got married.  I will cry tears of joy for them, and tears of sorrow that Diana is not there.

Being a mother is my greatest joy.  I am doing the best I can, and truly believe I am doing a great job.  My life as a mom was shaped by the death of Princess Diana and she will forever be in my heart.  She taught me to make each day count, to build a history with my child, and to always keep the faith.