Heidi Montag Will Not Allow Dr. Ryan to Rest in Peace

I think this woman is sad, and by sad of course I mean disgusting.  How fascinating that after a year of telling anyone who would listen, that’s about 7 people, that her plastic surgeon was a genius, she is now saying that Dr. Frank Ryan “led her on” when he performed 10 procedures on her in one day.

Seriously Heidi, you make a living being a liar and we are supposed to believe anything you say?  Montag says Dr. Frank Ryan, who passed away in August in a car accident, never told her that what she was doing was “excessive”.  Clearly he increased her ball size in addition to her boobs.

She spoke forever about how great Ryan was, that she loved him, that he changed her life, that he was a hero, but now that he is dead, she is changing her tone.  I bed she would not be pulling more of her crap if Ryan were still alive.  This poor man cannot rest in peace because of this loon.

Nobody put a gun to her head and told her to turn herself into a Barbi. I find it unlikely Ryan, who spent years building a practice and reputation, told her she was brilliant for doing all these procedures in one day.  That sounds like it could be true.  By true of course I mean no one is listening Heidi.

I’m not saying Ryan was right in doing so much on a patient in one day, but let the man rest in peace you ungrateful pig.  Why wait until he is dead to trash him?  Because he cannot defend himself or say you are full of crap?  This celebrity whore wants another 15 minutes of fame and I’m done.

I will never understand why this woman is famous.  I will never understand why she stays married to someone like Spencer.  I will never understand what she did to her body, and I will never understand why her 15 minutes is taking so long.  I want her to go away so I am going to simply keep the faith.