Dancing With The Stars: Brandy Is Out, Jennifer Shines & Bristol Might Win

I predicted Brandy would get the boot this week.  She was a great dancer, and looked beautiful, but her attitude and personality were just not attractive. There was something about her that was a little snotty and weird.  Maybe the thing that was off putting about her was her partner Max.

I just never dug her.  She did not come across as someone that I would want to hang out with, would have anything interesting to say, or was particularly real.  You cannot deny she is a beautiful dancer, and her performance this last week before the finals was impressive, but it was simply not enough.

This is a show that is decided by America and I am proud of the people for their votes this week.  By the people, of course I mean me, because I voted for Jennifer and Bristol, and they are both headed to the finals along with Kyle Massey, the adorable young man of Disney Channel fame.

Kyle is not going to win.  He is fun and entertaining, but he’s not going to win.  I’m sure his freestyle will be a highlight and good for him for being the last man standing.  I have met him several times since he was a little kid, and this is a good boy, with a great family, and so good for him.

If the best dancer is to win, then it will be Jennifer.  She is the comeback kid and DWTS will resurrect her career, which is a good thing.  She is lovely and there is something about her that reminds people of my generation of our youth.  We are happy that she is okay and doing well.

The dark horse is Bristol Palin and I think everyone, including Bristol, is surprised she is still there. She is not the best dancer, she is however the only non-performer so one could argue that she is the most improved, working the hardest, and the one who has totally left her comfort zone.

Bristol has consistently had the lowest scores from the judges, but here she is, in the finals.  America is clearly voting for her.  There are all these articles about how the supporters of her mother are sending a message to Sarah that if she runs for President, they will vote for her too.

Really people?  How is it possible that a fluff show like Dancing With The Stars can be turned into a political machine that is helping determine the next President of the United States?  It’s a stretch.  They’re just dancing people.  That’s all they are doing.  Seriously.  Enough with the politics.

Bristol is harmless.  Voting for her does not mean you like to shoot wolves from helicopters, or you think her mom should be President.  Voting for Bristol means you are a fan of dancing and can appreciate that of all the contestants this season, she is the only who became a dancer.

Everyone else started out as a performer, having danced on some level.  Even if they were not professional dancers, they were all professional performers, except for Bristol.  I think in the end I will probably vote for Jennifer because I love her and think she is a phenomenal dancer.

That said, I will hold my vote until I see the final dances, especially the free style.  If Kyle and Bristol blow my socks off they will get my vote.  Why?  Because I am voting for the best dancer, not to send a message about who I think might be good to lead the free world.

This has been a great season and whoever wins will be cool with me and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.  If you love this show, then vote because your vote will decide the winner.  To Kyle, Bristol and the divine Jennifer, keep the faith.