Alaska is Spectacular and Like It or Not, Sarah Palin is a Television Star

“Sarah Palin’s Alaska”, premiered Sunday night on TLC and no matter what you think about this woman’s politics, you cannot watch this show and not like her.  If you watch it, and do not dig her and her family, then your opinion is based on politics.  Get over it because this is a good show.

TLC is airing an 8 part series featuring Palin and her family, but the real star is Alaska.  It is magnificent, and after one show I am ready to book my next vacation.  It is a gorgeous part of the world and I imagine this show will boost the number of tourists going to visit this amazing state.

We start the show meeting 9 year old Piper.  She is adorable and calls Palin Sarah instead of Mom.  I remember the first time my son called me Ilana instead of Mom.  I was so thrown that he had to say my name a few times before I got he was talking to me, because I thought my name was Mom.

Piper tells us about her mother’s Blackberry addiction, which is cute and true of most working mothers.  Palin walks us through the show and is our tour guide across Alaska.  She speaks with ease and knowledge, and comes across as witty and entertaining.  She’s very likeable.

They go salmon fishing and within minutes there are bears within feet of the boat and it’s awesome.  They are so close you really get a sense of the majesty of Alaska.  Two bears fight right in front of them, and Palin remains calm, watching with the same wonder of her children.

We get glimpses of daughter Willow, who walks around like a miserable teenager, which is really funny.  Funny for any of us who have teenagers.  All our kids are the same and interchangeable.  They are a species of human all their own, and walk around mortified by their parents.

Palin does a television appearance from the studio at her home, and Todd is there working as her director/producer.  He is the one in the background politically, but quite present at home.  He is attractive, quiet, supportive, and more hands on than I had realized.  Quiet, but involved.

Palin is super active.  She is not afraid to get her hands dirty, and do all the outdoorsy things that are available to her in Alaska.  She is much braver than I am.  The family jumps on bush planes like New Yorkers jump in a taxi, and that is one thing I would not be able to do with such ease.

The scenery is divine.  It is beyond gorgeous and there are shots of mountains and waterfalls where you know the hand of God is involved.  Cruises to Alaska have always been popular, but there is so much more to Alaska.  It is now on the top of my list of places to go.

Todd and Sarah are hiking up Ruth’s Glacier in Denali National Park and it is both exhilarating and scary.  I’m not sure I could be that brave, and this particular activity won’t make it onto my list of things to do.  The feeling of accomplishment is not worth falling into a glacier.

On her way up Sarah panics and is not into it.  She is afraid of heights, and frozen with fear.  She says she was too cocky, and was now being punished for it.  She is frustrated, yelling for Todd, vulnerable, real, scared, funny, and at the end of the day, a really cool woman, just living her life.

I know people either love her or hate her and if they hate her, they probably hate anyone who loves her.  I know she is a polarizing force.  I know.  I’m ready for the attacks so bring them on.  However, unless you’ve watched the show, I’m not interested in your opinion.

Sarah Palin is a television star.  Like it or not, she is a shining light and people head to the light.  Alaska is beautiful, and I look forward to spending a few weeks there with the Palin family and TLC.  It’s about Alaska not Sarah, so don’t be a hater.  Just enjoy the scenery and keep the faith.