Pamela Anderson is in Israel to Judge DWTS & Seduce Hassidic Jews

Baywatch babe and Dancing With the Stars alumni, Pamela Anderson, is in Israel to be a judge on Israel’s version of Dancing with the Stars.  I love her.  I think she is funny, smart and smoking hot for a lady in her 40’s.  She is not intimidating to other women because at the end of the day she is just another soccer mom, and a really sweet girl.

Anderson arrived in Israel on Sunday and said she plans to use her “powers of seduction” on ultra-Orthodox Jewish lawmakers in getting them to ban fur.  I happen to think that is hilarious.  I have friends who were offended by her comment.  Really?  Come on people.  She was kidding. 

As an honorary director of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Anderson has done a lot of important work in helping spare the lives of innocent animals.  Anderson said, “I have written a letter here to talk about not bringing fur back-and-forth into this country.”  The letter was sent to Israel’s Minister of Religious Services, Yakov Margi.

She wrote, “I urge you to speak up for the millions of animals who are bludgeoned, electrocuted, and skinned alive for their pelts each year.” She also sent Margi a video of animals being killed saying, “Surely you agree the ways in which animals suffer and die in the fur trade violates Jewish principles, which strictly prohibit causing unnecessary suffering to animals.”

An anti-fur bill has been put on hold in Israel.  Ultra-Orthodox groups are opposed to a ban because it would affect their wearing “streimels” which are the fur trimmed hats worn by married ultra-Orthodox men on Sabbath and Jewish holidays.  The truth is the hat is not a religious obligation, but rather a tradition, and is not worn on a daily basis.

Representatives from the Hassidic community agreed to meet with Anderson in a Tel Aviv hotel sometime tomorrow to discuss the ban.  Some are saying she will have a hard time using her popularity with Hassidic men but I beg to differ.  With no disrespect to anyone, she may be more powerful that some people are anticipating.

Anderson praised Israel by saying, “It is wonderful there is no fur farmed here in Israel. It is very progressive and a wonderful example for the rest of the world.”  As for her legacy she shared, “A lot of my career has been fun and silly. To be able to incorporate my beliefs and compassion into everything I do has… been inspiring.”

I’m not sure why I care when celebrities go to Israel, but I do.  I love Israel and am so proud of the country that I suppose I take pride when someone comes to visit.  Anderson is generating a lot of publicity for Israel and that is a great thing.  It’s a wonderful country and worth visiting whether you are Jewish or not.  It is the holy land and very special.

I imagine Ms. Anderson sitting in the hotel, all wrapped up in appropriate dress, and one guy, sitting the back, have a “Yentl” moment and falling in love with her.  Or maybe it’s a “Crossing Delancey” moment and she spots the Hassidic Jew across the room and totally falls in love with a pickle salesman, decides to convert and move to Israel to open a fake-fur streimel shop.

I like you Pamela Anderson.  I love it that you are in Israel, and I hope they really listen to what you have to say.  Fur should be banned for no other reason, in this instance, than the killing of these animals does not fit into Jewish law and at the risk of crossing a line, I think rocking a fake fur streimel is hot.  Very Jewish, and very hot.

There are some things that have nothing to do with religion, but with doing the right thing.  You can make a small alteration and still be able to honor traditions and maintain beliefs and dignity.  I hope Pamela is successful in her quest, and has a wonderful time in Israel. As for the Hassidic men not getting sucked into her powers of seduction, keep the faith!