Top Ten slogans from the Stewart/Colbert ‘Sanity’ rally

Top Ten Charming Non-Partisan Signs:

10. Fear Bella Lugosi, not Nancy Pelosi.

9. Impeccable spellers for nuanced political discourse.

8. When people are laughing, they’re generally not killing each other. – Alan Alda

7. Things are pretty OK.

6. I have an education and I’m not afraid to use it.

5. GOD HATES (or is at least totally unimpressed with) IDEOLOGUES

4. YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH ME? Okay, let’s get some coffee and talk about it.

3. COMPROMISE (if that’s okay with you)

2. Cynicism isn’t sexy

1. If your beliefs fit on a sign, think harder.

Top Six Scathing Partisan Signs:

1. Millennials… You’d better be nice to us. We’ll be on your death panel.

2. Every time Sarah Palin tweets God kills a kitten.

3. The Invisible Hand is giving us the finger.

4. Teabag me.

5. Shlock and Awe.

6. Palin and Beck in 2012: Lipstick and dipstick.

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