Faith, Friends and The World’s Greatest Busboy

Last night I had dinner with my friend Rachel.  She is an ordinary girl who has led an extraordinary life, and I want to be just like her when I grow up.  She is brutally honest, yet kind.  She cuts to the chase and never lets me feel bad about myself.

It’s great how getting another person’s perspective can make you see things differently. Last night Rachel gave me another way to look at things.  She didn’t make it all sunshine and roses, but managed to remove the fog, and give me clarity.

I have been feeling off in terms of religion.  My connection to God has not wavered, but how I fit him into my life is something I’ve been thinking about.  Can I not go to services, but still say I’m following my faith?  Do I need to be in a place of worship to connect to God?

I happen to believe faith does not need to be connected to religion.  I have always had faith.  I believe in God, and even though I am not particularly religious, my faith has never wavered.  My issue is that while my faith is solid, I crave religion.

Last night Rachel said I need to stop putting so much pressure on myself to define who my Jewish self is.  I believe, I pray, I raise my son with values, and at the end of the day I am a good person, and a good Jew.  I am the only one judging me.

My success as a mother will be in passing down my faith to my child in a way that allows him to embrace Judaism.  It does not matter what level he chooses to practice as an adult, only that he respects our faith, honors me and what I have taught him.

To Rachel, I love you.  I heard what you told me, appreciate the way you shared the information, and I woke up feeling good.  I also woke up with a little bit of a crush on our busboy from last night.  Was it just me or was Hector fabulous?

We had a great dinner at a little Italian restaurant called Kristina’s, on Overland, in Los Angeles.  The food was really good, the company was excellent, and the busboy, Hector, was phenomenal.  Seriously, the meal was better because of this guy.

He could not have been more attentive or charming.  He took care of everything we needed, anticipated what we wanted ahead of our asking for it, and smiled the entire time.  He did not linger, yet whenever we looked up, there he was.  I loved him.

There are a lot of things I love about Rachel.  For one, I like to stare at her gorgeous boyfriend Luke.  Another thing I love about her is that she is a fellow Canadian. Both our families are in Toronto and that provides a special connection.

When we met, we were about to shake hands when someone pointed out we were both Canadian.  We immediately gave up on the handshake and hugged.  There is something about being Canadian that is special, especially being so far from home.

We reference the same Canadian shows, talk about classic Canadian things like poutine and pickle potato chips, and talk about the old neighborhood like we still live there.  I can mention any place inToronto, and she has a story about it.

Last night was great.  I got to see my friend, gain some wisdom, have a great meal, and find a new crush.  Friends and faith are important and I am blessed in my life that they go hand in hand.  Thank you Rachel. xo Thanks Hector.  Today will require no effort to keep the faith.