Mel Gibson Is A Pig But He’s Not A Rapist

I think Mel Gibson is a pig.  I think he probably hates Jews and he probably was abusive to his girlfriend.  I have not seen a movie of his in years and don’t imagine that I would see another one.  That said, I will go see Hangover 2 and I would have seen it with or without him in it.

Gibson was dumped this week from the film Hangover 2 and replaced with Liam Neeson.  I love Liam Neeson but like I said, I am planning to see the movie regardless of who is in the role of the tattoo artist.  What I find so interesting is why people are making a fuss.

The cast apparently had a problem with Gibson because of his past, yet nobody seemed to have any issues when Mike Tyson was cast in the first Hangover film and he is a convicted rapist.  Tyson can serve time for rape, but Gibson is fired with no conviction?

I like Mike Tyson.  I actually feel bad for him and even though I know he is a convicted rapist, I don’t hate him.  I don’t feel bad for Mel Gibson.  I have issues with his opinions, but I don’t hate him.  He’s a loser.  He is not however, a convicted felon.

At the end of the day, who cares?  The first Hangover movie made a gazillion dollars as will the second one, and that has nothing to do with whether Mel Gibson is in it or not.  I think it’s great that people have opinions, but this is just silly to me.

I’ve written about Gibson before, and I imagine something else will come up where I feel strongly enough about him write again.  Will I write about Hangover 2?  No.  Would I write about it if Gibson were in it?  Yes.  Interesting but silly objection from the cast.

Gibson has enough money that he never has to work again.  He can spend his days watching his own movies, hating Jews, and leaving messages for the girlfriends he never should have been dumb enough to be with.  He will be busy, but hopefully able to find some time to keep the faith.