Skirball seeks help on Judaica artifacts

For a volume in preparation in Europe on Nazi-looted Judaica and ongoing restitution efforts, a search is being undertaken to determine the current status of ceremonial objects distributed to synagogues, museum, and libraries in the United States from 1950-1952 by the Jewish Cultural Reconstruction, Inc. The JCR, was the organization empowered by the United States State Department to identify and then distribute “heirless” Jewish property after World War II. When the objects were distributed by the JCR, small round discs were attached to them with the initials of the organization in English on one side and Hebrew on the other. For synagogues, it is hoped that these ceremonial objects as they may have been identified as restituted objects when they were received and are perhaps included in Holocaust remembrance services or programs. If you are aware of any of these ceremonial objects please contact Dr. Grace Cohen Grossman, Senior Curator of the Skirball Museum in Los Angeles