I Love My iPhone but Need to Break Up With AT&T

Remember when people used to say they were going to go “postal” on someone?  There were so many disgruntled postal employees who were wreaking havoc by barging into post offices and shooting people, that when people got mad the tag line became “I’m going to go postal.”

Thank goodness all is well with the United States Postal Service and things have calmed down.  The new number one place to get pissed off is any cellular company store.  For me it happens to be AT&T.  I seriously love my iPhone but cannot stand anything else about AT&T.

There is never a day I don’t want to go “cellular” and kick some AT&T ass.  I drop calls constantly and when I call to see what the hell is going on, I am forced to speak with people who do not speak English. When I try to explain the problem, they talk over me from a script.

There have been rumors for months that the iPhone will soon be an option for Verizon and I am not ashamed to admit that I pray for this to become a reality.  I have many friends who use Verizon and their calls are never dropped.  Verizon is the promised land of cellular service.

I have not had a home phone for years.  My cell phone is my home and business phone.  I rely on it for everything and even used it to blog when I went home to Canada this summer.  To not have service causes me stress and I could go cellular at any given moment.

The most frustrating thing is when calls from my son are dropped. People are constantly thinking I am hanging up on them.  I start my conversations with “Sorry I’m with AT&T” so people understand the conversation may require 4 or 5 calls since I will drop them that often.

AT&T likes to talk about how much coverage they have around the country but they never mention that just because they have coverage, it does not mean you will get service.  AT&T uses it’s commercials to lure you in, only to show you they suck.  It’s just not right.

One could argue the easiest thing to do would be to get a new phone and take my business to Verizon.  People who make that argument are people who do not use the iPhone.  I never thought I would be one of those people who love their phone, but I seriously love my iPhone.

There are some who love the Blackberry and I have moments, usually in the middle of going cellular, when I think about breaking up with my iPhone.  Being with AT&T is like a dysfunctional and abusive relationship.  They treat me badly, but I stay because I love the phone.

It might be time for me to just man up and walk away.  I have survived break ups before so how hard can it be?  Will I start crying when I see someone else using an iPhone and I am sitting there with my Blackberry?  Will a Blackberry make me want to sit on the couch and eat ice cream?

It has been a long relationship for my iPhone and me and as much as I know it’s not good for me, I just can’t seem to pull away.  The iPhone is my drug of choice.  I know it’s bad for me, but I can’t stop using it.  I need to get in iPhone rehab and finally break up with AT&T.

If anyone who works at AT&T is reading, your service sucks.  If we can put a man on the moon, how is it possible I can’t maintain a phone call while sitting in my own home?  Just writing this blog is causing me to feel a little cellular and that is just not right.  Get it together people.

To my iPhone, it’s not you Sweetie.  I love you but there are people who don’t want us to be together.  I’ve hung on as long as I can my darling and it may finally be time to let you go.  You’ll meet someone new and I promise that if I ever learn to speak Hindi I will come back to you.

I am going to spend some time this weekend looking at phones over at Verizon.  I am very hopeful that once there, I don’t have the need to go cellular.  Maybe once I take the plunge the iPhone will follow me and we can be reunited.  For that day, I am keeping the faith.