Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

If you don’t ask me what I think about what is happening in this country I won’t tell.  The thing is, I have a blog and so I don’t need to wait for anyone to ask me what I think.  I can say whatever I want, whenever I want.  On this particular day, I want to say that I think the majority of our government is a pathetic group of Americans who have no clue.

We are a country at war.  We are a country with enemies.  We are a country that is losing brave men and women every single day who are working to protect us.  It is disgraceful that people who are fighting to keep us free cannot be free themselves.  The ban on gay Americans serving openly in the military is an embarrassment to the United States of America.

America is supposed to be the land of opportunity, and some argue that it is the greatest country in the world.  Perhaps that was once the case, but look around people, it is no longer true.  To be clear, I am not bashing America.  I am simply saying that we all need to take a good hard look at what is happening here.  We are not as great as some of you think we are.

I am both angry and sad by today’s vote in the Senate.  Angry that I live in a country where intolerance is so strong against our own, and sad that when given an opportunity to make change and move us forward, a bunch of old farts who have no idea about what is best for this country decided to continue to live in the dark ages and not consider what is best for our future.

I will get emails today about how un-American I am, and some will go so far as to say I am an idiot and my opinion does not matter because I am after all, a filthy Jew.  I will take comfort in knowing that the people who spew hate at me today are the same morons who think being gay is contagious and used to think that blacks and whites should not go to school together.

There is a small window of opportunity where we can once again be the greatest country in the world.  The fear is that if we wait too long we won’t remember what we once were, and will therefore no longer strive to get back to that place.  Today is a very sad day for our country and with each decision like this one, it becomes just a little harder to keep the faith.