Dieting & Losing Weight with Friends, for Cash, is Awesome

I am working on losing a few pounds and it’s hard.  I’m dieting, but not to get skinny as much as to get healthy.  At this stage of my life I have learned to love and embrace my body.  I’m a fabulous size 12.  I own it and rock it.  I am looking to lose the weight so that I am here for my son.

I hike every Saturday morning with a group of friends.  They are really wonderful people and while they all breeze through various canyons around Los Angeles, I drag my ass up complaining and gasping for breath.  They patiently wait for me and encourage me like a bunch of trainers.

I also just joined a weight loss competition and it’s fabulous.  There are ten of us in the contest and this is how it works:  each girl paid $25 to be in the competition.  We all got together for brunch, paid the entrance fee, got weighed and had our weight placed in a sealed envelope.

At the end of twelve weeks, whoever has lost the highest percentage of body fat, wins the $250 jackpot.  Since we are all different sizes, and have different goals, it’s based on percentage lost, not weight, just like on the biggest loser.  I knew a couple of girls before the contest, but met most through the group and they all rock.

There is some friendly smack talk being thrown around on Facebook, which is hilarious.  It inspires me to keep working out, and watch what I eat.  Getting healthy is a huge incentive, but beating the girls is a bigger motivator.  I want that money and I’m going to get it!

It’s a fun thing to do.  It’s good for your body and your soul.  You will meet new friends and maybe walk away with a few bucks.  Dieting is hard.  Doing it with friends doesn’t make it easier, but it’s more fun.  Will I win the jackpot?  I’m eating a salad for dinner and keeping the faith.